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How to Use Thanksgiving Lights to Make a Statement for Your House

How to Use Thanksgiving Lights to Make a Statement for Your House

Thanksgiving is approaching, and it’s time to bring your best dining set game! This important event is a day full of rituals, most of them concentrated around eating. However, one of the most essential aspects of this holy occasion is the décor. Let’ s discover the greatest lighting options for making a statement in your house!

String Lights for Thanksgiving Day

thanksgiving lights

If we can only recommend one light for Thanksgiving Day, the answer must be string lights, because they can be used for almost every place and add a strong thanksgiving atmosphere. For example, circling a string of lights around your dining pot full of marshmallows, or running string lights around the table edge to identify your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Image source: Liz Marie

Keep your lighting show basic if you have a large or prominent front porch to draw attention to every architectural aspect. As shown in the picture, deck out your farmhouse’s front porch with cafe-style string lights and a slew of Christmas trees (including a full-sized one!).

Pro tip: Save yourself the trouble and go with artificial trees that don’t require watering!

Thanksgiving Lights for a Perfect Dining Room

We are all nervous about eating the comfortable piles of sides and the rusting bird, as well as the chops of ham, but there are various other things we can do to establish the perfect atmosphere.

We didn’t get to spend as much time as we wanted with our families because of the epidemic, so now feels like the perfect opportunity to really worship what is most important in life. Roll up your sleeves and create the greatest Thanksgiving dining room décor this year!

Image source: the spruce

Accent Lighting

Image source: familyhandyman

Accent lighting is more like ornamental lights that supplement your kitchen’s current lighting. Accent lights may be used to give a subtle focus on some crucial thanksgiving objects that you carefully prepared in the kitchen. When it comes to accents, there are absolutely no boundaries, making it one of the most diverse kitchen lighting options.

Pendant Fixture with Lantern

If you have a rustic kitchen, these pendant lights would be a great complement. Don’t be deterred by the fact that these are advertised as island lighting fixtures. It doesn’t matter where you put them; they’d look great over your thanksgiving kitchen table or hanging in the middle of the festival room. Pendant Fixture with Lantern, accompanied with classic white and silver color, will make a great statement for your thanksgiving dining room.

Pendant Lighting that Hangs above the Sink

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Chandeliers over the sink and in the middle of a large kitchen may be desirable. Simply hanging a pumpkin light over your sink will add a strong thanksgiving flavor to your kitchen décor.

Don’t let the clash of styles overpower the rest of the decor. You can have two of the same chandelier or two that are comparable in style.

For more inspiration, you can read The Most Popular Kitchen Lighting Ideas in 2021 and What is the Best Lighting for Your Dining Room? Look Here!

Christmas Trees

Use Christmas trees to your advantage when organizing a Thanksgiving party: Decorate your Christmas tree with a blend of pure white, warm white, and clear colored lights. This appearance may be achieved with any Christmas tree, but white trees assist build a traditional winter night’s dream. Don’t forget to add a cute Thanksgiving wish on the top of your Thanksgiving tree.

A Mock Bonfire

Yes, you may create a fake campfire to add excitement to your indoor Thanksgiving party. Simply get some wood and a fire basket, then decorate it up with fairy lights, allowing your guests to chill while showering in these cozy and warm Thanksgiving lights.

Milky White Light for Thanksgiving

Milky white LED lights at the dinner table complemented your crystal-clear glassware, theme settings, Thanksgiving atmosphere, and overall decors well.

Let your Thanksgiving shine brighter with silver lighting, silver dinnerware, and a white dining table cloth, all perfectly accompanied by tons of charm and tasty design features. Add some silver tools, golden balls, snowflakes, tall wine glasses, and crystal vases to complete the elegant image.

Make Your Own Chandelier

DIY Thanksgiving chandeliers may be as simple or as dramatic as you wish. Because we’re going bold and colorful for Thanksgiving evening, we recommend a dramatic style for your DIY chandelier. Make a fake capiz shell chandelier from wax paper, parchment paper, scissors, hot glue, light bulbs, and an old lampshade. These chandeliers are not only ageless, but they may also be utilized after the celebration has over. The bubble chandelier is another alternative. Glass bubble chandeliers are simple to create and, like the capiz shell chandelier, may be utilized for several occasions. Clear bubble-ball spheres, twine, cotton string, and clear light bulbs can be used to create the effect.

Sunset Projection Lights for an Instagram Shot Corner

If the natural lights in your room are a bit dim, a sunset projection lamp may be an excellent choice for you. Guests will admire the creative manner and enjoy the sunset while having a Thanksgiving dinner party at your place.

At a Thanksgiving get-together, taking photos and publishing them on social media is a must. Create a corner in your house that is ideal for sharing on social media, whether it’s a fast photo or a short video clip. Use a Thanksgiving sign, shimmering streamers, balloons, or themed wall stickers to decorate an empty wall area. To truly get everyone in the atmosphere, use Yeelight Sunset Projection Lamp, a perfect lamp for Thanksgiving to touch up art photos, selfies and streaming. Go get your tripod ready and amp up your selfie game with these Sunset Lamps around! (Read more: Sunset Projection Lamps: the Latest Design Trend that Rocks Instagram)

Sound Activated Strobe Light for a Thanksgiving Party

If you want to dance the night out with your family and friends, disco lights for a Thanksgiving party are a must. A strong and powerful strobe light can illuminate almost the whole bedroom and add to the mood of the karaoke session. If you wish to sing in a karaoke environment, sound-activated disco light can address the problem. Many strobe lights come in an array of lighting options and lighting patterns, and are simple to set up and operate. Also, they react nicely to music. You can attach it anywhere there is a flat surface, such as ceilings, walls, tabletops, and so on.

Thanksgiving Light Strip

Light strip is a good option if you only need peripheral illumination for your Thanksgiving vibe – beneath cabinets, along countertop edges, or around picture frames. Strip lights are exactly what they sound like: a spool of LED party lights that can frequently be trimmed to fit and come in a slim strip that is ideal for framing windows, lining door frames, and much more. The nice thing about LED light ropes is that they can be tailored to fit your needs. One fascinating application is to use them as a highlighter on the sidewalk or route to your garden to fill your house with Thanksgiving’s vibe inside out!

These lights will not fill your space like a galaxy light or a laser light bulb, but they give just the right amount of accent illumination for your Thanksgiving dinner party. Consider them more as Thanksgiving light decorations than major light source, adding a subtle but vital finishing touch to your event.

Pointing the spot light towards light-colored objects such as tombstones, skeletons, and evil figures will make them glow in the dark.

Make Your Pathway Shine

If you don’t currently have outside walkway lighting, consider using Christmas light strands. Line the path to your front entrance with candela lamps to shine some outdoor festival lights outside your house. Yeelight Candelas come with BLE Mesh Technology built in, which allows you to group max.30,000 candelas together and control all of them at the same time by simply rotating any one of the candelas!

With these gorgeous lanterns, you can illuminate any area of your home. Put them on the stairs of your garden or hang them, they are meant to brighten up your Thanksgiving’s mood!

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