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Are Monitor Lights Any Good?

Are Monitor Lights Any Good?

People are often perplexed by the broad rod of light that attaches to the top of a computer and beams downward. Is it turning on the monitor’s screen? What about the desk? Both? Is it interfering with the brightness of the screen? This broad rod of light is called a monitor light bar/ screen light bar. So, what are monitor light bars for and are they worth it? This article will have a look at it and see what magic it can or cannot do for your life.

What are Monitor Light Bars For

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A monitor light bar is a piece of hardware that connects to the top edge of your display. It brightens dark regions on your desktop while decreasing glare from other lights. It’s an excellent way to enhance the ergonomic lighting conditions at your desk. This is essentially a modern version of the “desk lamp.” It is intended to cast light downward onto your desk without the need for a surface.

People who sometimes have difficulties seeing their displays due to low illumination should certainly consider a desk LED light bar. While screen bars are particularly useful when using computers late at night since they alleviate eye strain caused by extended exposure to bright displays.

Why Do You Need a Monitor Light Bar

So, are screen light bars worth it? We cannot say for sure unless you are a person who spends crazy time on the computer, which is probably the case for many of you, including myself.

More Benefits of a Monitor Light Bar

Lighting Improvements

A monitor light bar’s principal function is to enhance lighting conditions. It does this in a variety of ways. Because it is meant to be placed on top of a computer monitor, light shines down to brighten the work area in front of it. It employs an “asymmetrical optical architecture” to prevent light from bouncing off the screen, and in my experience, it does so admirably. In addition to illuminating the work space, I discovered that turning on the light when my office is pretty dark helps to lessen eye strain from the brightness of the computer screen.

The fact that the light is mounted on top of the computer monitor does not imply that the task lighting is centered on the work area. It also liberates a significant amount of desk space.

I personally suggest the Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro because power is supplied by USB. You can connect the screen bar straight to a free USB port on a PC instead of a cumbersome power adapter.

Yeelight produced a one-of-a-kind clip for the monitor bar. Instead of employing glue, screws, or spring-clamp pressure, it employs a light weight and lip mechanism. It seems to be robust, does not shift when the display orientation is adjusted, and with its excellent build, the monitor light bar appears to be a professional addition — not something that was slapped onto the computer at random.

Reduce Eye Strain and Weariness

When you use monitor light bars, you will not be bothered when staring at the screen. This means you can stare at the screen for longer periods of time without becoming tired. You will also avoid eyestrain, which causes dizziness while staring at a screen for lengthy periods of time.

Enhance Concentration

Monitor light bars allow you to focus on what you’re doing rather than how much brighter the screen is becoming. You will be working harder and faster with high concentration.

Glare arises when the brightness of the screen is distributed unevenly over its surface. You will notice less glare if you use monitor light bars since they disperse light equally across the entire screen and desk.

Adequate Illumination

You will be able to see everything clearly since monitor light bars emit softer light. When compared to other types of lamps, such as fluorescent bulbs, the light emitted by these gadgets is not harmful to your eyes.

Save Energy

Monitor light bars conserve energy since they use very little of it. Most monitors, in fact, only require 1-5 watts of power. If you used standard incandescent lights, though, you would need a lot more watts of power just to have them glow brightly enough.

Better Typing

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When you use monitor light bars, typing becomes much easier. If you need to type in low-light environments or if your keyboard lacks backlighting, you should consider purchasing one.

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