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Yeelight To Support Matter With Abundant Products

Yeelight To Support Matter With Abundant Products

Originall Link: Yeelight To Support Matter With Abundant Products

With the release of Matter Protocol specifications in Oct. and the launch of CSA (known as Connectivity Standards Alliance) Media events, on Nov. 3rd, Amsterdam, the show of the interconnected smart home industry has finally lifted the curtain!

Yeelight, the world-leading smart lighting company, is also one of the first brands to support Matter Protocol. Now with the first CSA-certified new product, Yeelight’s participation in the Matter project not only flourished the alliance but also brought along abundant product lines and enhanced smart lighting user experience to the Matter era.

Yeelight has been recognized for its two major product lines: Yeelight and Yeelight Pro. Yeelight is a consumer electronic product line focusing on high-quality lights and affordable pricing, and Yeelight Pro is a premium lighting product line with professional lighting design and application with unparalleled exquisite lighting experience.

For the Yeelight consumer electronic product line, there’s a lot more coming up to support Matter Protocol! Aside from Yeelight’s classic Home lighting series, a brand new product portfolio Yeelight Fun is also up for Matter compatibility! With a designated badge, Yeelight Fun products are dedicated to entertainment, gaming and even more freewheeling scenes!

Among Yeelight Fun portfolio, a new shiny star Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp is being launched soon! The lamp has been proudly certified with Matter compatibility among the very first batch of elites on the market. This is an entertainment-oriented smart lamp that can be built and designed like Lego bricks – besides Matter compatible feature, this lamp also provides an ever-increasing playful and dynamic look to the user’s desktop.

In addition, Yeelight is planning out a series of essential lighting products for Home series as well – Matter compatible for sure.

For Yeelight Pro it’s even easier! All products under this selection will support Matter with a simple OTA update – get your Matter-abled, finest whole-house smart lighting in no time!

So why does Matter matter?

The application of Matter Protocol develops a new phase of the smart home industry. With its support, smart devices can be exempted from connection barriers and all be controlled as a whole – no matter if you are a fan of Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Samsung SmartThings, etc. Therefore, with the help of Matter, Yeelight will be able to bring a more convenient and personalized smart lighting experience to a wider range of users.

Stay tuned! More surprising new products from Yeelight are yet to launch! Smart lighting made it easier!

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