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Get Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light at €77.43 From TOMTOP

Get Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light at €77.43 From TOMTOP

Original link: Get Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light at €77.43 From TOMTOP

The Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light is an extremely creative design idea that helps to illuminate the room and add a touch of sophistication and originality to it. With this lamp, you can create a truly unique space in your home. Everything you need to adjust the color temperature, luminance, etc., you will find in the corresponding APP application. In addition, the lamp supports intelligent voice control functionality. The design of the lamp housing is quite simple, which will greatly facilitate the installation process.

Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light comes with professional lighting technology that provides a harmonious light source, smooth and glare-free. The suspension belt can be adjusted in the range of 0,5-1,5 m; which allows you to choose the optimal distance to the light source according to your needs. The lamp has a sufficiently high color rendering index Ra95 and supports the possibility of adjusting the color temperature between warm and cold light (2700K-6000K); depending on the needs of the user and the degree of solemnity of the event. Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light supports the ability to synchronize; with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, working with Android 4.4 and ios 9.0 and newer versions.

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The design of the Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light is implemented in such a way as to prevent the ingress of insects; dust, and dirt inside the case, which is an important aesthetic factor affecting the efficiency and durability of the device. The body of the luminaire has a length of 90 cm. The light texture of the surface of the product will bring an element of solemnity to the familiar design of your home or apartment. The product is made of a combination of polycarbonate (PC) and organic glass (PMMA). Quality, durability, and aesthetics – all these characteristics are “absorbed” by the lamp Yeelight YLDL01YL.

Yeelight YLDL01YL Meteorite Pendant Light is a smart pendant light that offers many surprises. The Xiaomi Yeelight YLDL01YL Intelligent Ceiling Light Lamp comes with a unique design; ideal to give us uniform lighting that makes us feel comfortable and in harmony when sharing with friends or family; its minimalist design gives us a style both refined and that opens a world of possibilities to combine it with our decoration.

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