Yeelight Releases LED Smart Light Panels To Enhance Your Gaming Ambian

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Yeelight Releases LED Smart Light Panels To Enhance Your Gaming Ambiance

Yeelight Releases LED Smart Light Panels To Enhance Your Gaming Ambiance

Original link:Yeelight Releases LED Smart Light Panels To Enhance Your Gaming Ambiance

Lighting up game rooms with chilling RGB glows has become many gamers’ obsessions, while Yeelight is dedicated to bringing more ease to such designs and making it all in your budget by announcing the NEW release of Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels now! with the Black Friday sale coming up, the pre-order is available only at $97.99 after a 30% sitewide discount (discount code: BLACKFRIDAY)!

The newly-launched Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels add luster to your smart life by supporting major platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Xiaomi Smart Speaker, etc. Not only they are perfect for giving a radiant look on walls following the design as one wishes, but they also dance to music and synchronize with all Razer Chroma RGB as well as Overwolf games! 

Most occupied in game rooms, the panels are here to sense and visualize your gaming mood or on-screen activity in real-time. The 20 light patterns plus 3 preset modes of these panels definitely chill you out in your favorite recreational space, and ignite your passionate gaming nights with splendid glow!

Yeelight Smart Light Panels

When it comes to visualizing rhythms, the panels provide you both normal lighting and energetic lighting through music rhythmic patterns as well. The audiovisual effect gives stunning color to your music, immerse your mind in flowing melodies, or tune-up your party nights.

Allowed with free installation, the 6 triangular LED panels in one pack could unleash your creativity to tailor your home décor. Whether it is a workout boost or study mood, the light ambiance is guaranteed with 16-million RGB colors.

Available at such a friendly price (pre-order only at $97.99 down from MSRP $139.99 with discount code BLACKFRIDAY), Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels work amazingly well for up to 25,000 hours with prime material quality and light quality. They are durable to use and stably stay on the wall with super-strong adhesive – liberate you from headaches that the lights keep falling off the wall.

Buy now and use to enjoy a pre-sale price at $97.99 ONLY before Nov 30! Delivery will start on Dec 1 – Come and enhance your gaming experience with more fun!

About Yeelight:

Yeelight, the best smart lighting brand in the world, has successfully shipped over 50 million products to over 200 countries and regions globally. Its extensive product portfolio takes care of all the lighting needs at home, including basic light, table light, ceiling light, ambiance light, and smart light control. The brand is widely integrated with major IoT platforms in the world, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Razer Chroma, Yandex, Naver, IFTTT, etc. Yeelight endeavors to bring you the best lighting experience you may imagine!

Let us know what you think about the Yeelight Smart Light Panels and whether or not this is something that you would be interested in getting for your gaming setup.

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