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Forget About Nanoleafs Yeelight Smart Led Light Panels Does The Work

Forget About Nanoleafs Yeelight Smart Led Light Panels Does The Work


I’m an avid gamer and – to be honest- I love this RGB mania that has roamed over the net. My gaming PC is lit up, along with my gamer room – with lots of RGB led’s from various manufacturers. I like Yeelight, Nanoleaf, Philips Hue etc. I also love my Razer hardware and give a lot of importance to the atmosphere of my room while playing. Am I right? Wrong? Who knows? All I know is that RGB LEDs are cool and having one more option in the market can only be good for competition and prices. Here’s where Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels come and make a difference.


The Chinese manufacturer recently announced its Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels with support for major platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Xiaomi Smart Speaker. Not only they are perfect for giving a radiant look on walls following the design as one wishes, but they also dance to music and synchronize with Razer Chroma RGB and Overwolf games.

Most occupied in game rooms, the panels are here to sense and visualize our gaming mood or on-screen activity in real-time. The 20 light patterns plus 3 preset modes of these panels definitely chill you out. They also ignite your passionate gaming nights with splendid glow. When it comes to visualizing rhythms, the panels provide both normal lighting and energetic lighting. All through music rhythmic patterns as well. The audiovisual effect gives stunning color to music, immerse your mind in flowing melodies or tune up some party nights.

Smart LED Light Panels

As I said, I’m a fan of the company, so I have already ordered 6 triangular LED panels in one pack. Therefore I expect to have a small hands on review when I get them. From what I read at the US website of the company the beginner’s 6 pack of the Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels will be available for pre-order at $97.99 after a 30% discount (code: BLACKFRIDAY).

The company says that they will work amazingly well for up to 25,000 hours with prime material quality and light quality. They are durable to use and stay on the wall with super-strong adhesive. Therefore we don’t have to worry if they’ll fall down after some time. I will keep you informed soon, with some photos and insights when I receive them.

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