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Yeelight joins the Matter bandwagon with new product announcements

Yeelight joins the Matter bandwagon with new product announcements

Original Link: Yeelight joins the Matter bandwagon with new product announcements

What you need to know

  • Yeelight announces its Matter integration with its wide range of products.
  • New products with CSA certification are launching soon.
  • These include the smart home lighting series under the Yeelight moniker.
  • Yeelight Pro products will be compatible with Matter via an OTA update.

Yeelight is the next smart lighting company to integrate with Matter — the new communication standard protocol for connected devices across brands. 

The new Matter 1.0 spec was introduced last month. On November 3, a Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) event was held in Amsterdam wherein several smart home device makers, including Yeelight, came under one roof to announce their upcoming products and updates.

With Matter integration, the Yeelight joins the bandwagon alongside Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, Samsung, and Amazon smart home products. Yeelight, in a blog post, says that it is bringing the first set of CSA-certified products to consumers encouraging seamless connectivity across devices.


(Image credit: Yeelight)

The smart lighting company comprises the Yeelight and Yeelight Pro product lines for consumer and professional lighting solutions, respectively. The former includes classic Home lighting series, and the company is releasing a new product portfolio called Yeelight Fun that is aimed at entertainment and gaming and is set to support Matter integration.

The first product in this series is dubbed Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp, which is said to be launching soon. The series is Matter compatible and is set to be among the first to hit the market.

"This is an entertainment-oriented smart lamp that can be built and designed like Lego bricks," s Yeelight. It is further said to add a refreshing dynamic look to desktops. Yeelight also implies expecting a series of Matter-compatible Home series products as well.


(Image credit: Yeelight)

Yeelight is among many Matter-associated companies that are planning OTA updates for existing products to support the new standard. For Yeelight, this will apply to its Pro line of products.

The company's latest Matter integration for its smart home lighting solutions will make the best of Yeelight products more approachable. Meaning irrespective of the digital assistants that you use, like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Samsung's SmartThings, Matter makes it convenient to connect Yeelight products seamlessly for consumers.

Over the past few years, Yeelight made its way as an affordable smart lighting solution in the industry. Yeelight typically has a broad portfolio of products, including Staria Pro (a bedside lamp with wireless charging) and Monitor Light Bar Pro (a desktop accessory that reduces eye strain from monitor lighting).

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