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'Razer' and 'Yeelight' Have Debuted a Chromatic LED Smart Lamp

'Razer' and 'Yeelight' Have Debuted a Chromatic LED Smart Lamp

Original Link: 'Razer' and 'Yeelight' Have Debuted a Chromatic LED Smart Lamp
'Razer,' the Singapore-based company famous for its gaming peripherals, has teamed up with 'Yeelight' to launch a Razer lamp. The 'Yeelight x Razer LED Smart Lamp D2' is a small connected lamp perfect for the top of a desk or shelf. This lamp features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to allow it to sync with other Razer devices.

Razer has a RGB lighting service named 'Razer Chroma' which allows any chroma-enabled Razer product to connect to the same system for convenient customization. This means that in addition to keyboards, mouses, and other gaming peripherals, gamers can now purchase an LED lamp to connect to their RGB ecosystem.

If users would like to use this lamp independent of a Razer Chroma ecosystem, it features two preset lighting modes and it connects to other smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Image Credit: Razer
Trend Themes
1. Gamer-targeted LED Lamps - Gamer-focused LED lamps that sync with other devices allow for customization of gaming setups and present opportunities for smart home integration.
2. RGB Ecosystem Integration - Expanding RGB lighting services beyond gaming peripherals to other devices and household items.
3. Small Connected Lamps - Increasing popularity of small, connected lamps for desktop and shelf use.
Industry Implications
1. Gaming Peripherals - Opportunities for gaming peripheral companies to expand their offerings and customization capabilities.
2. Smart Home Technology - Rising trend of smart home integration with compatible devices and systems.
3. Connected Home Goods - Opportunities for companies to produce small connected lamps that can integrate with consumer's preferred IoT ecosystem.
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