What Does Glare Mean in Lighting-YEELIGHT
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What Does Glare Mean in Lighting

what is glare, how to measure it, what does glare do to your eyes, and how to reduce it? This blog will lead you through this useful knowledge about glare.

basics about lightWhat is Color Temperature?-YEELIGHT

What is Color Temperature?

What’s the Definition of Color Temperature and What is it Measured in?

basics about lightWhat is Lux?-YEELIGHT

What is Lux?

If you have LED lights or are considering it, you must have heard all the advice about how vital it is to have adequate lux levels. But what is lux, and what does it even mean?

basics about lightLuminance vs. Illuminance, are They the Same?-YEELIGHT

Luminance vs. Illuminance, are They the Same?

two of the most often used terms, illuminance and luminance, are instances of words that are frequently wrongly interchanged. What is the difference between luminance and illuminance? Let’s read on!

basics about lightBest Color Temperature for Gaming-YEELIGHT

Best Color Temperature for Gaming

The professional gaming room is not only about being well-equipped, but also very much focused on the right light, especially, the right color temperature for gaming. In addition, to establish the ...

basics about lightHow to Connect Multiple LED Strip Lights-YEELIGHT

How to Connect Multiple LED Strip Lights

If you have many runs of LED strips and want to connect them to a single power supply, you may be wondering whether they should be connected in series or parallel.