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Yeelight Expands Smart Lighting Range with New Matter-Compatible Products at IFA 2023

Yeelight Expands Smart Lighting Range with New Matter-Compatible Products at IFA 2023

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Yeelight, a renowned brand in the smart lighting industry, has introduced two new smart lighting options at IFA 2023. These additions further expand the company’s range of unique and innovative products for smart homes. The new offerings include the Beam RGBIC Light Bar, designed for tabletop placement, and the Obsid RGBIC Light Strip, a charcoal-colored addressable light strip ideal for surfaces like desks or cabinets.

Both products are compatible with Matter, the smart home platform that officially launched in 2022. This compatibility allows users to seamlessly integrate Yeelight’s smart lighting solutions with major smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home. By offering compatibility with multiple ecosystems, Yeelight empowers users to create a smart home without being limited to a specific ecosystem or product lineup.

In addition to the new products, Yeelight is also enhancing its companion app, Yeelight Station. The app will receive an upgrade in October, introducing AI-driven learning and generated lighting effects in the Graffiti Studio. These features will be available for all Yeelight products, providing users with even more customization options. Furthermore, the Yeelight Cube Smart Lamps, available in three designs, will receive new features, including real-time fan counts from YouTube and Twitch.

Yeelight’s commitment to delivering fun and unique smart lighting products sets the brand apart in the increasingly competitive market. With its growing line of Matter-enabled products, Yeelight continues to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of smart home enthusiasts.

As the smart lighting market matures, consumers are presented with a multitude of options from various companies. However, Yeelight’s focus on innovation and compatibility with leading smart home platforms positions the brand as a standout choice for those seeking cutting-edge smart lighting solutions.

About the Author: Brent Dirks is a seasoned technology journalist with a passion for all things Apple, accessories, and security. With over five years of experience in the industry, he has been writing about technology and its impact on our lives. Brent graduated from Texas Tech University with a BA in journalism and is currently the Smart Home Editor at MakeUseOf.

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