Yeelight Brings Music Flow Feature to New Smart Cubes

Yeelight Brings Music Flow Feature to New Smart Cubes

Original link:Yeelight Brings Music Flow Feature to New Smart Cubes

Catch our Father’s Day Gift Guide this year? Inside, you may have seen we highlighted Yeelight’s new Smart Cubes, a modular light system that’s quite nifty and powered by Matter. I use a set in my living room as a dedicated clock and it looks pretty sweet.

Recently, the company announced a new feature for the cubes called Music Flow, allowing you to have the cubes’ LED lights respond to music. Once you update the Yeelight Station app, you’ll see the new feature, then will be able to set how sensitive it is to sounds and music. I’ll have to give it a try.

Smart Cubes aren’t exactly cheap, but their quality is solid in my experience. A starter kit is priced at $172, while a standard kit (offering 6 cubes in total) will run you $310. It’s expensive, but if you spend a lot of time gaming in the home office or you’re a YouTuber, you’ll probably love them.

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