Xiaomi Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb Review: Brighter, Cheaper, Better!

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Xiaomi Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb Review: Brighter, Cheaper, Better!

Xiaomi Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb Review: Brighter, Cheaper, Better!

RGB lighting is everywhere and what is better than having RGB lighting for your PC and peripherals? RGB lighting for your house. The Xiaomi Yeelight W3 is the new smart LED bulb from the company which improves efficiency and is cheaper too. Here is my experience with the Xiaomi Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb.

Xiaomi Yeelight W3 Smart LED Bulb Review

The product packaging is simple but you get pretty much all the compatibility information that you need on the box. If you need the lights to sync with other smart products in your home such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant then you can learn about the compatibility right on the box.

Xiaomi Yeelight W3

The installation process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is screw in the bulb in the holder. Once you have done that, you can turn it on and off 5 times and the light will flash. This will indicate that the bulb is in pairing mode. You can open up the Yeelight app on your phone and then connect the bulb to your network.

You have the option to name the bulb and add the bulb to a group of lights. This can come in handy if you have many of these in different rooms. I for one have one of these grouped with my desktop RGB strip in my workspace.

Xiaomi Yeelight W3

In the app, you have plenty of presets that you can play around with and set the ones that you like. There is plenty of customization for the lights and you can even have the lights sync to music that you have playing. I do have the older bulbs and syncing them with the W3 and them syncing them all to music does have a slight delay but if you have all the same bulbs then that should not be an issue. Plus this could be fixed in a firmware update.

The customization is very cool indeed and it helps set the mood for parties, watching movies, or even when streaming. Razer Chroma integration help increases the immersion when gaming. But the number of supported games is very limited. I hope that more games are added to the game soon. I would love to play Genshin Impact with synced lighting.

A small issue that I noted was that if you have a blackout the lights are going to turn on when the power comes back. This is a third-world country issue and you might not face this issue if you do not have load shedding in your region.

Before the 1S came out, I was actually skeptical about these kinds of RGB lights. Even though I have RGB lighting in my PC and even on my peripherals. Once I got these smart bulbs, I actually was so satisfied that I bought a Google Nest in order to be able to set routines and use them with voice commands. If you already have a smart assistant then these smart bulbs would make a good addition to your home or office.

Compared to the 1S Bulb the new W3 is brighter at 900 Lumens. The W3 also has a lower power rating of 8W as compared to 8.5W. The price is also lower at USD 19.99 as compared to USD 29.99. So what you are getting is a cheaper bulb that has all the features as the older one. Win-win in my book.

With the lower price tag, the W3 smart bulbs are very competitive as compared to other products on the market right now. Is till am using the 1S models and they have worked without any issues. If that is anything to go buy then you can rest assured that the W3 bulbs are going to be just as reliable and durable.

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