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Why Do Gamers Use Led Lights?

Why Do Gamers Use Led Lights?

LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. LEDs are semiconductor devices that generate light through the process of electroluminescence. Semiconductor material emanates visible light when an electric current passes through it.

RGB led lights have gained a ton of popularity in recent years, but the question is, are they worth the price?

Gamers use LED lights because LEDs create special effects and add personality to the gaming room setup. They also help set the right mood and boost the gamers’ concentration on gaming.

In the rest of this article, I will give you four good reasons why gamers use led lights. I will also discuss why it is good to use LED lights and why gamers play in the dark.

4 Reasons Why Gamers Use Led Lights

Gamers use led lights for so many reasons. They are a good value for money and can complement your gaming room setup with good ambiance and mood lighting for your desired gaming atmosphere. They are stylish, programmable, easy to install, and an excellent gaming room lighting.

If you are wondering why you should upgrade your gaming room lights to LED, here are a few good reasons:

1. Led Lights Help Set the Right Mood for Gaming

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Gamers perform better at gaming if they are in a good gaming mood. The right LED lighting and proper gaming space setup help create a relaxing, inviting, and immersive gaming atmosphere.

2. Led Lights Enhance Your Gaming Focus

The transportive sessions count in creating the best gaming experience. LED lights come in various patterns and colors that will immerse you in a diverse world and boost your focus. As a gamer, you want something that keeps you as focused as possible.

3. Led Lights Bring In Special Effects

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The spotlight effects positively influence the gaming mood of the gamers. The unique RGB LED light pattern and color effects can help you stay alert while gaming.

4. They Add Personality to a Gaming Setup

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All gaming spaces will look identical and boring without decorative RGB LED lighting. The varying LED light colors and patterns can help personalize your gaming space and make it look unique and different from the rest.

Why Is It Good To Use Led Lights?

LED lights represent the most recent lighting industry development. The considerable lifespan and energy efficiency can change how individuals and companies brighten their establishments by minimizing the use of energy and electricity costs.

If you are seeking to reduce your energy costs and usage, LED lighting offers you many benefits, including:

1. They Can Work Well in Cold Environment

Traditional lights such as fluorescent lamps don’t work well in cold weather. They need more power to start, and their light intensity drops during cold weather.

LED lights are about 5 percent more efficient in cold conditions. They are thus a better choice for lighting refrigerated displays, meat lockers, freezers, or cold storage.

Moreover, LEDs are also ideal for illuminating outdoor signage, building perimeters, and parking lots.

2. They Are Flexible

LEDs are as small as a pepper spec. Therefore, they can light almost every gadget. The original use for LED was in the circuit board indicator light.

You can create traditional bulbs by joining bunches of LEDs or combining a series of them to create a line similar to Christmas lights; the possibilities are endless.

The devices may be tiny, but they can illuminate everything from a small room to a football league stadium.

3. LEDs Are Energy Efficient

One of the main advantages of LED lights is their efficiency in energy consumption.

The energy efficiency of a light is measurable in the number of beneficial lumens it produces. Lumens represent the quantity of light a gadget emits for every power unit it consumes. LEDs produce more useful lumens and less waste light than traditional lighting technologies.

Switching to LED for your home, office, or school could improve your energy efficiency by about 70%. This efficiency means you will spend less on power expenditure and save more.

4. They Can Operate With Low Voltage

You would want to use low voltage lighting to keep your facility safe if you are in a flood-prone location. In this case, LED lights are your perfect choice because they work on low voltage. If someone mistakenly gets into contact with a low voltage electrical appliance of 12 volts will be at less risk than that of 120 volts.

5. Provides Directional Lighting

All conventional lighting technologies produce light at a 360-degree angle. Therefore you need to deflect the light using additional accessories to illuminate the desired area or lose energy illuminating areas that don’t need lighting.

However, LED lighting has a 180-degree angle making it a perfect choice for lighting a bathroom, hallway, or kitchen.

Moreover, it is suitable for illuminating artwork; you will lose no light to the back of the source besides not degrading your artwork.

6. They Have a Long Lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to incandescent lamps. An incandescent bulb lasts approximately 1000 hours.

On the other hand, an LED can last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours depending on usage, meaning you can use it for six to twelve years. That means it lasts up to 40 times longer than an ordinary bulb.

Moreover, they last approximately up to four times longer than sodium vapor, metal halide, or fluorescent lights.

Therefore, LED lights can help you save on power bills, maintenance, and replacement costs.

7. Lights Instantly and Can Withstand Constant Switching

If you want a light that comes on quickly, LED lighting is a perfect option for you. LED lights turn off and on instantly.

Metal halide lamps take time to warm up, while fluorescent lights flicker when you turn them on and take about three seconds to light up completely. You can evade such complications by switching to LED lighting.

Moreover, frequently switching off and on traditional lights reduces their lifespan. Frequent switching does not affect the efficiency or lifespan of LEDs.

Therefore, LED lighting is ideal for light flashing displays and devices that use sensors to turn on and off.

8. They Are Dimmable

LED lights function smoothly at nearly any level of power percentage, starting at approximately 5% up to 100%.

Ordinary lights, including metal halide, are less efficient when you dim them or are not dimmable. LEDs work more efficiently when you use less power on them, and their lifespan increases.

9. No UV or Heat Emissions

Most ordinary lights, such as incandescent bulbs, convert about 10% of energy to produce light and 90% to heat. You must have noticed this if you ever tried changing an incandescent bulb immediately after it went out. LEDs emit most light within a visible spectrum and produce minimal heat.

LEDs are therefore suitable for illuminating art displays that may break down or degrade with UV rays exposure.

10. More Environmentally Friendly

Lately, it has become necessary for organizations to be eco-friendly. More customers now prefer environmentally friendly products. Therefore, environmentally friendly lighting can help you attract socially conscious customers besides reducing your energy bills.

Moreover, traditional lights such as fluorescent and vapor lamps need special handling at the expiry of their lifespans because they contain mercury. With LED lights, you need not worry about such issues.

Why Do Gamers Play in the Dark?

The dark mode is increasingly becoming the new norm in the modern world. Many apps and websites are rolling out darker themes to allure customers. Dark themes are part of the imperative qualities for gamers. Some of the reasons why gamers are into these themes include:

  • Relatable with the gaming culture components. Nearly everything related to gaming is black, such as gaming mice, keyboards, and gaming consoles. Since gamers are familiar with dark-colored items, they would feel more content with dark themes.
  • Darkness suits gaming habits. Most gamers love playing in a dark room or at night to allow the monitor to be the room’s only source of lighting. If they open a bright-looking app or game, it will irritate them since it will appear too bright in the dimly lit room.

Therefore, activating a dark theme helps keep their eyes comfortable looking at the monitor at night or in a dark room.

  • Relaxing and classy looks. Dark themes may look elegant, simple, and relaxing on some websites and apps. Thus, gamers prefer them because they are neat, soothing, and suitable for lengthy gaming sessions.
  • Less glare. As I stated earlier, most gamers prefer playing at night. Dark themes are thus suitable for night gaming because they have less glare and are more comfortable and safe for the eyes.

Final Thoughts

LED lights are the most cost-effective lighting solution. You can use them to light your living room, kitchen, bathroom, gaming room, or outdoor. If you want to switch or upgrade your lighting, try Yeelight’s quality range of LED products.


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