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The Best Hallway Lighting Ideas You Need to Know

The Best Hallway Lighting Ideas You Need to Know

Hallway gives your guests the first impression of your living room and home, second only to the front door in importance. When guests arrive, walking through a hallway with the right lighting design will give them a sense of dignity and set the tone for your living room’s lighting design.

This article will break down the hallway lighting design scheme with a case study of a world-renowned luxury hotel, “W”. Let’s find out how they use colored light and space to create a blend of modern design art and traditional culture.

This article will deconstruct a hallway lighting design scheme using a case study of the “W” hotel, a world-renowned luxury hotel. Discover how they employ colored light and space to create a fusion of modern art and traditional culture.

How to Design Hallway Light that Makes Your Esteemed Guests Feel Welcome

We may borrow a page from the W Hotel’s book and use purple, crimson, or deep orange colored light to create an exquisite and friendly ambience in your hallway. However, utilizing high-saturation purple alone is impossible to achieve the illusion of light haloing the atmosphere of space. So, depending on the spatial structure of the entry hall and corridor, the mix of white and purple light may be employed judiciously to generate a three-dimensional lighting effect for your hallway.

Taking a large flat floor with a south-facing living room and a west-facing entrance as an example (Fig. 1), we separated the hallway area into two halves (Fig. 2). The space near the end of the hallway is illuminated with purple lights, while red and yellow lights illuminate the space near the entrance. With this color scheme, guests may feel a sense of dignity when they enter your place.

hallway lighting ideas

Fig. 1 Floor plan of a large flat with a south-facing living room and a west entry.

What is the lighting idea for a dark hallway? As in the lighting effect in Fig. 3, the entire hallway is illuminated by spotlights embedded in the plasterboard as hallways’ ceiling lights, that is, the main light. To establish the ambiance, the wall and ceiling are also outfitted with colorful light strips on both sides. Orange and purple tones are among the greatest choices in this instance. It is vital to remember, however, that the colored light strips, while vivid, must be soft and easy on the eyes. Simultaneously, for convenience, both sides near the ground can be lighted with auxiliary lights to avoid donning shoes or tying shoelaces in the dark. In addition, if your hallway is not too long, it is possible to install colored light strips on both sides of the ceiling, while configuring orange and violet light to the front and back of the area (Fig. 3).

Color temperature: 3000K spotlight/wall light

Color: Orange, purple.

Brightness:100% spotlight/wall light/light strip

Fig. 2 Pseudo-color chart of the light effects and illuminance for a welcoming environment

Color: orange, purple light strip

Brightness:100% light strip

Fig. 3 Pseudo-color chart of the light effects and illuminance for a welcoming environment

An Easy Guide to Create Welcoming Hallway Lighting

Step 1: Design the luminaire layout

We can take an easy approach to design the hallway lighting by referring to Fig. 3 Following the order of high to low, the high section lighting consists primarily of spotlights in the middle of the ceiling, as well as a colored light strip on both sides of the ceiling; in the middle section, you can use wall lamps and light strips; and in the low section, light strips are also used.

Step 2: Purchase lights

The effect shown in Fig. 3 is achieved by the following three types of luminaire.

Step 3: Set the lighting mode and smart linkage rules

Since welcoming mode is not something that you may use every day, it is not suitable for using smart door linkage. A smarter choice is to use voice control or smart scenario panels when needed. Here, we will take voice control as an example to see how to implement the welcoming mode.

1. Connect the device to the smart home system.

Follow the product usage guidelines to connect the luminaire and speaker to the Smart Home system.

2. Set up the grouping of the luminaires

Group the spotlights and the ceiling light strips separately; the light strips near the end of the corridor (e.g. 3m on each side of the ceiling) are a purple light zone and the light strips near the doorway (e.g. 2m on each side of the ceiling) emit orange hue.

3. Add voice control commands and light control rules.

Here is an example of Xiaomi smart speaker settings, as shown in Fig. 5 Open Xiao Ai App and activate training. First, customize the voice commands, such as “guests are coming”. Then, using “Device Control,” add the lighting control rules.

Fig. 4 Voice control commands and luminaire control rules for a welcoming mode (Image source: Xiao Ai app)

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