Smart Ceiling Light, a Game Changer

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Smart Ceiling Light, a Game Changer

Smart Ceiling Light, a Game Changer

Smart home devices are all over the place these days, and one of the easiest ways to get on board is with smart lights that can be controlled and automated by voice commands or via a smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. If you want to replace your old light bulbs with a smart bulb or smart switch but don’t want to throw out the old ones, there are more possibilities than ever before. Even better: As a result of increased competition, consumers now have a greater selection of inexpensive solutions.

Smart ceiling light is a combination of ambiance lighting and useful functionality for daily use. A brilliant idea for anyone who hopes to have a smart house one day: why not start with a ceiling light? A smart house lighting idea has it all, from a wide range of lighting conditions to a useful timed feature. let’s continue reading to get more ideas.

What are the Potential Functions and Controls Do Smart Ceiling Lights Offer?

Once the smart ceiling light is installed, what can it do? Now we’ve reached the crux of the matter. It differs from one product to the next. The following is a list of potential functions, which will vary depending on the model:

• Multicolored – pick from millions of colors

Change the color temperature – from warm white to natural daylight white • Effects – from focused flickering to a range of moods

• Dimming – for a more flexible atmosphere

• Groupings – to control many lights together

• Timer function – useful for daily activities and when you’re gone

• Remote control or app – or a light switch if you like

• Presence simulation – so your property does not appear abandoned while you are away

Control when you’re on the go — for access to your smart home no matter where you are

• Voice control – if you don’t have any hands free

Benefits of Having Smart Ceiling Lights

smart ceiling light

Mood-enhancing Lighting

Despite the fact that smart ceiling lighting has not been officially studied and proved to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), it can nevertheless assist improve your mood, particularly in the gloomy winter. Set them to change color and brightness according to the weather, so that when it starts to rain, your lights will become a warmer color and become brighter.

Improved security with smart ceiling lights

When your house is vacant, you can program your lights to act as though someone is home by altering everything from the color to the brightness in each area. Using an internet connection, you can even manage them when you’re away from home.

Smart ceiling lighting can help you save money

Motion sensors allow you to limit the time your lights are on when someone enters the area, making them excellent for hallways and stairwells, especially at night. Using light sensors, the lighting may be set to vary its brightness based on the amount of natural light present in the space. The process is called daylight harvesting, and the money you save can be substantial.

Use light to Your Advantage

Do you want to give your living space a makeover? It’s possible to alter the color of your walls and ceilings without renovating by using smart lighting items such as lamps and strip lights. You also have the option of changing the “decor” at any time, with a selection of hundreds of millions of colors and billions of possible color combinations! Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2 (Multicolor) allows you to select a dazzling array of colors to create your best lighting scenes for multiple occasions. Bring your party time, gaming moments, and movie night to the next level with colors.

Have Even More Hilarity

Even if you just want to mess about, the IFTTT platform provides pre-built “recipes” for you to use. The following are a few ideas to get you started: To begin the celebration, tell Alexa to turn on a Hue light color display in the living room. Celebrate your special day by matching the lights on your birthday.

Is LED Technology Used in All Smart Ceiling Lights?

One thing is almost certain: we would not be able to talk about a smart home without LED, as all of the great alternatives are only possible with this technology. Aside from paving the way for the smart home, LEDs provide a plethora of additional benefits:

• 90% energy savings when compared to a standard light bulb

• 90% energy savings when compared to a halogen bulb

• Economical and ecologically friendly

• Almost maintenance-free technology

• 50 times the service life of a standard light bulb

• Up to 50,000 hours of service life

• No mercury contents

• Very durable light bulbs

• 100 percent light output instantly

• Possibility of very compact designs

Do I Need to Replace My Present Ceiling Light if I Want to Make My House Smarter?

Yes, and it’s very easy. Do you want to be a part of the smart home revolution? There’s a good chance you will! It has enormous advantages, and it’s also a lot of fun. Converting your ceiling light is as simple as changing the bulb. Consider switching from a regular E26 light bulb to a smart E26 light bulb. Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb W3 (Multicolor) saves you energy and money with low 0.3 W standby power use, featuring smart & voice control enabled by major smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. Simply doing so, you will get your smart home system up and running.

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light

Yeelight Arwen Smart Ceiling Light S Series is equippted with smart features of a color rendering index that is up to 95Ra, providing a museum lighting effect.

In the evening,the ceiling light will accompany you while reading a book. It will help you relax before going to bed and also create a more festive atmosphere. We have improved it, which made possibility to use the brightness adjustment and remote control functions.

Moonlight mode which gives the look of the moon when turned on is surprisingly comfortable. With brightness down to 0.1 lumen, Yeelight LED Smart Ceiling Light S Seriesw reduces glare and mitigates eyestrain.

Through MIJIA APP or YEELIGHT APP, connect Mi Band with Yeelight LED Ceiling Light. Your light will turn off automatically when you fall asleep.

Enjoy the Combo of Smart Lights and Ceiling Fans, Why not

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Ceiling fans are a wonderful innovation since they reduce the temperature of a room by around 5-8 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the light may typically be dimmed to provide “mood lighting,’ depending on the situation. A smart light can aid with illumination management when the existing fixture doesn’t give enough flexibility.

When using a ceiling fan as a dimmer, smart lights can be utilized effectively (provided you can locate bulbs that match the smaller socket type). However, if the power supply varies by up to 30%, smart bulbs may not operate.

1. Invest in a ceiling fan that works with A19s, which are a popular bulb size.

2. To get around this, you may go to purchase an A15 smart bulb, as long as you don’t mind downloading a new phone app to set it up, using these alternative lights won’t be a big deal.

What Dimmer Options are There

Dimming options are available on many ceiling fans, either by a pull cord or a remote control. Dimming lights reduce the amount of light produced by a light fixture by lowering the amount of electrical power (voltage) applied to it.

It’s the same thing that happens when there’s a storm (or a power outage) and all the lights flicker and dim before returning to full power and brightness.

Dimmer lighting is lovely, but most smart bulbs do not operate well with it: smart bulbs require a fairly stable amount of input voltage because they are an electrical device with a control board, WiFi (or Bluetooth) chip, and other components.

All of this implies that a ceiling fan acting as a dimmer might deprive smart bulbs of the necessary power, potentially harming them. As a result, you have two options:

1. Purchase a ceiling fan with no dimming capabilities. These are typically less expensive and function better with smart bulbs: a win-win solution!

2. Disable the dimming functionality on your ceiling fan if feasible, or leave it at 100 percent brightness (i.e. 0 percent dimming) so that the power delivered to your smart lights is consistent.

One caution here is to keep an eye on the temperature. When kept at full brightness, some bulbs in dimmable ceiling fans can get hot, therefore make sure the temperatures are within the allowed temperature range (both of the fan and the smart bulbs).

Keep the Fan Light On

Seasoned smart bulb owners will already be aware of this, but in order to manage the smart light, steady power must be given to it. In other words, it must be turned on and left on — either by switching it on or by using the remote control.

The bulb may then be turned on and off using Alexa/Google Home or the smart bulb’s phone app.

The same is true with ceiling fans — you’ll have to get used to bypassing the “lights off” element of the remote (or switch), instead of leaving it on all the time.

Examine the Voltage Limiting

Some users have claimed that their ceiling lights supply lower voltage to the bulbs, either as part of covert “dimming” capabilities or as energy-saving measures pursuant to the Energy Policy Act.

If you put in your smart bulb and see it continually flashing/flickering, you may be experiencing this issue. The answer here is to either investigate if you can disable any dimming features (perhaps by holding down specific buttons) or remove the limiting circuit.

This would be very reliant on the specific ceiling light type, so I won’t get into it more, but it’s worth noting that a low voltage supply would almost certainly be detrimental to your smart lights, so it’s worth addressing this if it applies to you.

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If you’re just getting started with updating your home to a smart home, the best place to start is with smart ceiling lights.

It takes so little time and effort to change a lightbulb, yet it can make a significant impact on how you interact with your house.

Before Making a Purchase, Consider these Suggestions

• You may retrofit your existing ceiling light to work with a smart home by using smart light bulbs.

• Different systems require a different installation process for smart ceiling lights.

• From presence simulation to adjustable lighting ambiance management, smart home lighting solutions bring value.

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