OLLI with Yeelight: bring smart lighting to Vietnamese

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OLLI connected with Yeelight: bring smart lighting experience closer to Vietnamese consumer

OLLI connected with Yeelight: bring smart lighting experience closer to Vietnamese consumer

In April 2022, OLLI Technology Joint Stock Company (OLLI Technology) – A tech startup in Vietnam – officially cooperated with Yeelight to bring the experience of controlling smart lighting devices by Vietnamese voice.

In addition to the control switch, smart lighting systems capable of voice interaction are preferred by many Vietnamese families. This is a great step forward to creating a more convenient and modern life.

Similar to OLLI, Yeelight started as a technology startup and is known as a dynamic brand in the smart lighting market. The company currently distributes more than 50 million products to 200 countries and regions globally, including a potential market for technology like Vietnam. Yeelight is constantly improving in technology and design to bring customers a comfortable and high-quality lighting experience.

With many well-recognized products available in Vietnamese market like Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro, Yeelight Staria Pro Bedside Lamp, and Yeelight Smart LED Lightstrip Pro, Yeelight truly fulfills their mission – Smart Lighting Made Easier, and dedicates to switching on consumer’s smart life with a budget-friendly and quality approach.

Yeelight’s ecosystem has worked with many different IoT platforms such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smartthings, and Mihome…. However, there’s the language barrier when these platforms are only used in English or are not friendly to Vietnamese users.

Understanding that difficulty, OLLI and Yeelight have officially connected in terms of technology to bring an extremely convenient experience when users can control Yeelight bulbs completely in Vietnamese through OLLI MAIKA smart speaker.

The smarthome control features of OLLI MAIKA are similar to the smart speaker from the tech giants like Amazon, Google, Apple but the ability to interact in Vietnamese is a big plus point of the product. Users only need to call ‘Maika’ to let the speaker control Yeelight’s lighting products including smart bulbs, desk lamps, ceiling lights, LED strips,…

To control smart lighting devices with Vietnamese voice, users who already have Yeelight devices need to link their Yeelight accounts to the MAIKA app in the smarthome section, then arrange the device into the appropriate room to control directly on the MAIKA app or speaker.

The collaboration of OLLI and Yeelight contributes to expanding MAIKA’s compatibility with the electrical equipment system and bringing Yeelight’s lighting products closer to Vietnamese families. OLLI believes that this partnership will give more choices and the best lighting experience to customers with its ecosystem.


About OLLI Technology

Established in 2016, OLLI Technology Joint Stock Company is well-known as a high-tech company committed to serving the Vietnamese community with high-tech products which aim to transform the way we interact with the environment and other people around us. Our products are crafted to the highest standards and powered by the latest breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). OLLI believes that our product can bring people closer together and have a more enjoyable experience with technology. With the orientation of product development with an effective long-term ecosystem, OLLI sets a precondition on protecting user privacy and constantly making great efforts to improve information security.

About Yeelight

Established in 2012, Yeelight is the world’s leading brand in smart lighting, preferred by users from 200 countries and regions in the globe. It has redefined the highest standard of the lighting industry through its non-stop efforts in improving smart interaction, industrial design, and lighting experience. Its extensive product portfolio takes care of the entire smart lighting needs, including smart bulbs, table lights, ambiance lights, and smart lighting control products. Yeelight endeavors itself to build a high-quality lighting environment and enable more people to enjoy the fun and convenience of smart lighting.

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