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Surprising Facts About LED Lights For PC

Surprising Facts About LED Lights For PC

For many people, it is crucial to have a PC that looks as good as it functions. Besides color coding, cleaning, and appropriate cable handling, RGB LED lights can brighten up your PC. They can add a thematic look and warm colors that are impossible with typical components.

RGB lighting performs just as well as downloading additional RAM. Keep reading to learn about the best-LED lights for PC and why gamers love RGB.

4 Best Types Of LED Lights For PC

It is undeniable that aesthetics play a crucial role in building up an incredible gaming PC. The RGB lighting is among the best strategies for succeeding in building your dream gaming device. There are many different types of LED light for this purpose. Some of the best ones include:

1. Addressable LED RGB Strip Lights


Addressable LED strips have a low LED count but support all PC RGB control software. It also has double-sided adhesive tape and magnets for easy mounting. If the PC case you are mounting on is metal, the magnets will easily hold the strip onto the case. If you are mounting it on aluminum or plastic, the adhesive tape comes in handy.

The addressable strip allows you to control the color and brightness of each LED on every strip separately.

2. Non-addressable LED RGB Strip Lights


Non-addressable LED lights do not allow you to set different brightness or color values for the LEDs. You can control the color and brightness levels but with equivalent values for the entire fan or strip. However, non-addressable strips are cheaper compared to addressable ones.

Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S is the best choice for a non-addressable LED RGB light strip. It offers you limitless connectivity options. You can also cut it into different sizes to fit your PC size without interfering with its performance.

3. The Neon LED Digital RGB Strip Light


The neon LED RGB strip is among the best-LED lights for PC; it has exceptionally sophisticated color gradients. They combine an inbuilt diffuser and high LED count that enhances color smooth out. The LED strip connects to the addressable RGB header of your PC’s motherboard.

4. The hue led light strip


The hue is another good choice for your gaming PC lighting. The strip is flexible, and you can bend and shape it to your desired pattern. Also, you can control the brightness and colors using your phone through the inbuilt Bluetooth app. You can access up to 16 million colors to set the right gaming mood.

Facts That You Need To Know Before Buying RGB LED Light Strips For Your PC

Buying the RGB LED strips for your gaming PC lighting is not as easy a task as it may seem. Some factors may limit using different RGB LED lights for your gaming PC. Thus, before buying any RGB lights, you need to verify some crucial facts, including:

Non-Addressable And Addressable RGB LED

Before deciding whether to buy addressable or non-addressable LED lights, you need to understand the difference between them. Addressable RGB LEDs are individually controllable; you can separately set the brightness and color for every LED on the strip.

With non-addressable lights, you can only apply one brightness level or color value for all the LEDs on the same strip at a time. You may still control the colors and brightness levels, only that changes will be uniform along the entire strip.

Still, you may want to combine both of them in one rig. But both types are not connectable to the same header.

RGB LED Controllers And Motherboard Headers

You can control your RGB LED PC lights in two ways:

  1. Using a devoted controller
  2. Using the PC by connecting to a motherboard header

Some RGB strips come with a control kit. They are the best choice because you won’t have to deal with compatibility issues as they do not rely on the RGB headers of your motherboard.

You may want to avoid the extra wiring that comes with RGB controllers. An RGB strip that can directly connect to your PC would be your best fit in this scenario.

However, you need to understand that:

  • Addressable RGB lights are connectable to 3-pin, 5-volt headers
  • non-addressable RGB lights are connectable to 4-pin, 12-volt headers

The two are not interchangeable. Consequently, if you have 4-pin headers, you would have to stick with non-addressable LED lights or the controller-based option to use addressable RGB LED strips.

Every gaming PC manufacturer uses different RGB management software. Therefore, it would be best to ensure, before purchasing a product, that it is compatible with your PC software.

Why Do Gamers Love RGB?

Gamers like RGB lighting because it creates an immersive experience and sets the right gaming mood. Gamers can personalize their gaming experience by customizing the lighting colors on their gaming devices and space.

The personalized gaming environment improves their focus. Therefore, RGB lighting allows the gamers to have a say. Additionally, RGB lights make the gaming devices look stunning and more trendy.

Final Thoughts

The best-LED lights for PC, among many other things, will depend on your personal preferences. Yeelight offers you more great features than most brands in the market. Call us or visit our website for all your gaming PC lighting needs.

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