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Top 10 Best Gaming Smart Lights 2022

Top 10 Best Gaming Smart Lights 2022

Changing the lighting is the fastest way if you want to refresh your gaming room setup in 2022. Decorative RGB LED-smart lights can serve the purpose of mood lighting and wall art. And that is without even mentioning their advanced functionality features.

This article rounds up the top 10 best gaming smart lights of 2022, their essence, and points to consider before you buy gaming lights. It also discusses why gamers have colored lights in their gaming space setup.

The Essence of Smart Lights

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The RGB LED-smart lights are remotely programmable, and you can operate them by scheduling or voice commands. Moreover, some can pulse to gaming soundtracks or music and spice up your gaming experience.

You may program your lights to turn on by dusk and off in the morning—consequently, this will ensure that:

  • Your room will have a consistent welcoming glow at the right time.
  • You will wake up more gently, unlike glaring alarms.
  • You will enjoy lazy pleasures like dimming the lights or switching colors pre-movie while sitting on your sofa.

Here are some of the top best lights that can transform your gaming room.

1. Smart RGB LED Wi-Fi Bulbs

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Wi-Fi LED smart bulbs are controllable through a superb smartphone app and are available in white and colored and in bayonet and E27 fittings. These bulbs require no hub to operate, and they are thus more cost-effective.

With google assistant and Amazon Alexa integration, you can group or control the lights separately, adjust brightness and color or select from preset themes that set brightness and colors independently. The Wi-Fi bulbs can also mimic the natural light throughout the day.

2. Smart Soft Glow Streaming Light

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The soft glow light is a handy multi-purpose portable lamp. You can use it with your webcam in poor lighting conditions for video calls or content creation. The lamp uses USB power, and you can connect it to your PC’s USB port. It also comes with a stand for easy desk placement.

The LED lamp delivers a shadow-free wide, soft focal light safe for your eyes for prolonged sessions. Also, it is compatible with G Hub for Mac and PC, and you can set your color and brightness preferences and save them for future access.

3. Glow Smart LED Desk Light

The glow desk lamp is nice-looking; it’s a good choice for a limited budget and space lighting. It gives a relaxing soft glow and performs well as a mood lamp. You can control the glow lamp using a mobile app or voice assistant to select brightness and colors.

4. Smart RGB LED Strip Light

The smart RGB LED strip light is handy for decorative and bias lighting. The light strip is easy to install; you can stick it to the back of your gaming PC monitor, wall, or gaming desk edges using the self-adhesive that sticks to nearly all kinds of surfaces.

The strips are controllable through an app that allows you to set your desired color themes and brightness levels with endless options. For instance, you can switch between moods such as leisure and night.

You can also program and save your creative perspectives.

5. Smart Feature Highlighting Beam Lights

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The LED light beams highlight special features rather than lighting the entire room.

The beams are easy to install because they come with self-sticking adhesive, and you can stick them to your desired locations on the ceiling or wall. They also have magnets for joining them together.

You can program them to your preference or select from default customized color and brightness themes, and they have integration with google assistant, IFTTT, Siri, and Amazon Alexa.

Moreover, it has the dusk and day feature support that constantly mimics the natural light theme.

6. Nanoleaf Smart Shape Lights

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If you want to combine wall art with lighting art, Nanoleaf shapes are a perfect choice. The panels come in different sizes and shapes, mountable on your gaming room walls. They are easy to install and use, and you can set them up in your creative patterns.

Nanoleaf lights are controllable through a desktop or mobile app and compatible with google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and apple home kit.

7. Cololight Pro Portable Decorative Smart Light

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Cololight pro is a portable and customizable decorative light. The lamp comprises hexagonal panels joined together to form a unique shape. The light panels are programmable into different colors, customizable patterns, and dynamic effects.

The cololight pro lamp is an excellent addition to your gaming, and you can place it on your gaming desk or mount it on the wall depending on your choice.

8. Nanoleaf Decorative Elements

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The Nanoleaf decorative elements are wall lighting panels that have a wood effect textured finish.

Nanoleaf panels are among the best gaming wall decorative lighting. The lights are controllable through an app with great features such as gesture control, music integration, and scheduling.

9. Phillips Hue Smart Bulb -Starter Kit

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The Hue Bulb is among the leading smart lights for gaming. The starter kit contains three screw-fit and standard bulbs, controllable through an app.

Also, they come with a hub that is connectible to the router. You can control timing, brightness, and color. You may set the lights to turn on when you leave or enter the room at specific times or operate them remotely through the internet while you are away.

The setup of the system allows you to control up to 50 bulbs. Therefore, it will enable you to explore unlimited possibilities.

The most recent bulbs can function free of the hub; if you add some creativity, this lighting can transform your gaming room and give you a desirable experience.

10. Nanoleaf Rythmic Smart Light

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With the Nanoleaf rhythmic lights, you can add life to your gaming room set up by creating a fantastic audiovisual light show. You can easily install and connect the panels using adhesive pads.

The rhythmic lights come with a module that senses and synchronizes with music or game sound, allowing the lights to change color with the music rhythm.

Moreover, you can make your desired shows using voice control or a smart app.

Points To Remember When Buying Smart Lights

The future of improved lighting is RGB LED-smart lights. The lights can help create mood lighting for different purposes allowing you to control how they run using your tablet, phone, or voice command. Also, the gaming smart lights are energy efficient.

However, there are some facts that you need to check before you buy an LED light, such as:

  • Choose colored and the right temperature for your eye comfort if the standard white ceiling lights are harsh to your eyes.
  • Check sockets to ensure that your new lights fit into your existing sockets; some lights have variations in sockets. And make sure you replace broken sockets.
  • It is lumens rather than watts; remember to check the rating of your new lighting to ensure it suits your requirement. If you want to switch from CFLs to LED, you can use the comparison table for watts and lumens to understand the relationship.
  • Since RGB LED lights come in various sizes and shapes, make sure you match the profile of your new lighting with your room fixtures.
  • Make sure you buy the proper quality lighting from reliable manufacturers; although RGB LED lights generally last longer, the lights might not serve you well for long enough if the manufacturer compromises the quality.

Why Do Gamers Have Colored Lights?

Other than the splendor and ambiance that colored lights add to your gaming space, there are several other significant reasons why gamers have RGB LED lights, including:

  • Enhancing gaming focus: if you haven’t thought of it, the transportive occasions are the true definition of the best gaming experience. The various RGB LED light colors and patterns help immerse gamers in a diverse world, enhancing their focus-gamers prefer something that can keep them as focused as possible.
  • Colored lights add personality to the gaming setup: in the absence of RGB LED gaming lights, all the gaming setups will appear similar and dull. The varying LED light designs and colors help gamers personalize the appearance of their gaming rooms.
  • The colored lights help set the right gaming mood: gamers excel at gaming when they are in the right mood. Proper RGB LED lighting setup in the gaming space brings an immersive, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere suitable for gaming.
  • Colored lights add special effects: the special gaming space spotlight effects influence the gamers playing mood. The unique LED light color effects help keep you alert during gaming.

It is crucial to buy genuine quality products for your gaming space lighting upgrade. At Yeelight, we have a range of trusted quality RGB LED-smart lights for gaming setup lighting solutions. Call us today and schedule a demonstration.

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