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Top 7 Impressive Must-have Gaming Lights USB

Top 7 Impressive Must-have Gaming Lights USB

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If you want to upgrade your gaming space with some elegance and style, you have come to the right place. USB-powered RGB LED lights are among the best and most popular decorative lights.

You can use them for various applications, including ambiance lighting, highlighting a specific spot, or brightening your space. They are remotely controllable and better than ordinary lights.

It is a difficult task to find genuine quality and reliable LED lights. Many brands in the market have varying features, some of which are not durable and reliable. But the question is, how do you determine the proper lighting for your gaming room, office or bedroom?

You don’t need to worry about digging into the piles. This article compiles the best gaming lights USB to transform your gaming space and take your gaming experience to the next level.

The Best USB RGB-LED Gaming Lights

When searching for suitable USB LED lights, you need to consider factors such as:

  • The intensity level of the light
  • Your brightness requirement
  • The color combination you need

Here are the top best USB powered RGB LED lights amongst which you can pick your favorite choice:

1. Bason RGB LED USB Light

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Bason USB strip light is thinner, slimmer, and easy to install and use. It has a mood-setting option to select from 10 varying colors and offers four brightness levels. This light is also bendable, allowing you to install it at your desired angle.

Also, you can easily mount it to the back of your gaming PC monitor or TV screen and connect it to the TV or PC’s USB port.

2. Tenmiro RGB LED Light Strip

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The Tenmiro LED is a unique light strip. It offers you eight different lighting modes, including fade, jump, flash, etc. the strip is of high quality and durable material. It is easily mountable on any surface because its backing is adhesive. You can cut it to any length that fits your installation requirements.

Moreover, this light is applicable indoors and outdoors. It comes with a 65.6ft long cable and allows you to change the colors and brightness at the touch of a button through the automatic switching function.

3. Nexillumi RGB LED Strip Light

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This light is one of the best with numerous positive great features, including:

  • Protective rubber foam packaging,
  • A 500 cm long tangle-free coated cable that makes it suitable for most uses
  • A great look
  • An excellent pouch packaging for cables

Also, this light gives you three mode options, i.e., programmable, breathing, and static. And you can cut it into desired lengths and attach it anywhere you want with the help of the supplied adhesive tape.

4. Govee RGB LED Strips

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The Govee-smart USB strip lights are among the most sophisticated gaming lights USB. The lights are very bright, and they offer you 16 vibrant color options, including green, gold, and purple.

You can also set them to fade, stroking effect, or one color. The lights come with a super-useful 44-key remote control that allows you to change color and turn them on or off effortlessly while sitting on your sofa.

Also, they are thin, rugged, water-resistant, and suitable for various applications. You can use them for gaming room lighting, bathroom, living room, or kitchen. And you can easily hide them beneath your gaming desk or other furniture.

5. Novostella LED USB Strip Lights

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This RGB LED strip light is 79ft long, has the best brightness, and is easy to install.

It comprises 2688 LEDs and offers you ten brightness level options making it suitable for diverse use from gaming to more focused tasks like office work. It has a CRI (color rendering index) of 90. And even at daylight brightness level, it is not irritable to your pet or your skin.

Additionally, Novestella LED strip lights are compliant with all RoHS and CE safety standards. They also come with an RF advanced remote control that you can use to adjust the color, speed, and brightness.

6. Sylvania RGB LED USB Strip Lights

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Sylvania LED strip is one of the leading USB lights in the market. It comes in 16.5ft with various brightness levels and color selections. Dependent on their color, the strips can emit warm or soft white glows at either 60 or 30 lumens every foot.

Some of the great features of Sylvania USB strip lights include:

  • They are waterproof
  • They emit minimal heat
  • They come with a robust mounting tape for easy installation
  • Perfect choice for tiny space use
  • They come with a remote control that can operate from as far as 23 feet
  • You can cut them into custom sizes without affecting their efficiency
  • You can join them together to extend their length
  • They have four mode options
  • They come with a warranty of two years

7. Elgato Rgb Led USB Strip Lights

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This strip light is among the most fashionable USB strip lights on the market. It is a popular choice because its pixel density is very high, and its LED chips also function as mind sensors.

At 2000 lumen ultra-bright output, it can fully light up an area of 12″ x12″. And, it is a perfect choice for school or maker space lighting.

Also, it has SDI (stream deck integration) that allows you to use the stream deck to control the lighting. Therefore, you can switch the colors or brightness level while streaming on Mixer or Twitch.

The best feature about these lights is the onboard and brightness buttons that allow you to turn them off and on, turn on color cycling and dim the lights to 10% output. You can also chain them together and control an LED length of 26ft on a single USB power supply cable.

Final Thoughts

USB-powered lights are increasingly gaining popularity among PC manufacturers, modders, gamers, and those enthusiastic about customizing their TVs or PCs.

USB-powered LED lights occupy less space, making it easier to create unique lighting effects. They are exceptional and affordable but still offer good performance and quality.

If you want to switch from traditional lighting to the more stylish and modern RGB LED USB lights, consult Yeelight for a top-notch lighting solution.

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