Top 8 Best Thrilling Gaming Lights TV

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Top 8 Best Thrilling Gaming Lights TV

Top 8 Best Thrilling Gaming Lights TV

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The TV is often the point of focus in your living room. Here is where family and friends will gather for a movie night, binge or streaming.

Although the TV set is a crucial component, you can boost your experience with your guests by upgrading your lighting system to add color and style to your home cinema.

With the most superficial LED gaming lights tv, you can create adjustable soft backlights behind your TV screen to add some ambiance and reduce eye strain.

Advanced RGB LED lights can synchronize with the movie or music sound and mimic the colors on your screen.

Moreover, you can create customized visual effects using the best gaming lights to complement the games, movies, and music, turning your living room into a state-of-the-art entertainment hub for your guests.

How Can Gaming Lights for TV Improve Your Entertainment Experience?

If you have one of the latest TVs and want to amp up your viewing experience, all you need is a facelift to the space around your TV set. The most recent LED lighting technology allows you to explore various possibilities with the lights and upgrade to an immersive cinematic experience.

RGB LED gaming strip lights are lightweight, small, and can give enough light for your space with minimal power consumption. Moreover, they are customizable to fit the size of your screen and plug into the USB port of the TV; hence they are clutter-free.

LEDs have a longer lifespan, and once you install them, they will last many movie nights before you require a replacement. High-end gaming lights TV can synchronize to games, music, and cinema. Some are WiFi-enabled and remotely controllable through mobile apps.

Some models come with hubs connectible to the TV through HDMI, while others have cameras and microphones for real-time synchronization to audio and video, making your room colorful.

Here are some of the best TV gaming lights you must try:

1. Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S

Yeelight 1S is the best choice for a TV backlight. You can cut it into different sizes to fit your screen size. It is also extendable by joining several pieces to suit your desired length without affecting efficiency and functioning.

The light is dimmable and has an auto cycling feature that changes colors automatically.

Moreover, the 1S strip is remotely controllable through the Yeelighjt smartphone app.

2. Kasa KL430 Smart LED Strip

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The Kasa KL430 is a smart-strip light with many practical features. Apart from its compatibility with google assistant and Amazon Alexa, it also has intelligent features such as brightness control and grouping.

Moreover, it allows you to select from several preset colors or set your custom color temperature. The strip is 6.6ft long; you can cut it into custom sizes to fit your screen size or add other strips to extend it to 33ft.

3. Govee H6183 TV LED Backlights

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The H6183 light has many exciting features. It is suitable for 40 to 60-inch TVs. It offers a limitless choice of colors, and with the stylish remote, you can conveniently switch to your favorite blue backlight color.

The most exciting feature is that you can adjust brightness with six levels to choose from per your preference. Also, this strip comes with a mic that synchronizes colors to the music.

4. Corsair LS100 Icue

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The Icue LS100 is the best choice for a dedicated TV backlight with full-blown lighting effects. It packages four customizable strips with Icue software. The software allows you to program various colors to play from the back of your screen. It also brilliantly gauges and synchronizes the screen colors to the strip.

Moreover, the strips have a diffuser, deliver mellow light, and have a slew of preset colors.

5. NiteBird LED Strip Light

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The NiteBird strip offers quality backlighting for gaming PC monitors and TV screens. The RGB LED strip is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control it through voice commands. Also, it has a scheduler and timer and boasts 16 million color displays.

6. Govee H61991D1 WiFi TV backlight

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If you want to have dynamic color effects behind your screen or monitor, Govee H61991D1 is a perfect choice; it has a 1080p camera that clips on top of the screen. The camera detects and synchronizes the TV colors with the strip in real-time.

Also, it is compatible with google assistant and Amazon Alexa, and it comes with a companion app that allows you to control the segments separately.

7. Sengled WiFi TV Backlight

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If you want a versatile RGB LED strip light with a smart-home outlook, the Sengled WiFi backlight cuts the edge. It is compatible with Samsung SmartThings, google home, and Amazon Alexa, giving it an upper hand over other lights.

The strip is 13ft long and can fit TV screens as big as 72 inches. The video audio sync and wifi connectivity features work swiftly.

Moreover, the lights give you ample and vibrant color choices.

8. Philips Hue Play Light Bars

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The hue play color-smart light bar is perfect if you want a TV backlight solution other than the strip lights.

The gaming light bars are voice-activated and are compatible with the Smart Home kit and Philips Hue Hub. you can place them behind your screen for backlighting or creatively put them anywhere suitable to your preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut the LED light strips?

Many RGB LED light strips are trimmable. However, you need to check and carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions. Cuttable strips have specifically marked areas where to cut them. Also, try looking for lights that fit your TV size, so you won’t worry about trimming.

How do I stick the LED strips to the TV?

It is pretty easy to install the LED strips on your TV; the backing of the light is self-adhesive, and you need to peel and firmly press them to the back of your TV screen, and they will stick in place.

How do I make sure the LED strips dont fall off the TV?

If the LED strips don’t securely stick to your TV, you may clean the TV using a microfiber cloth, but do not dampen the TV. Then you can use foam tape or self-adhesive tape to attach it.

Final Thoughts

The best RGB LED gaming lights TV can transform your entertainment room into a centerpiece. They give a customizable, immersive ambiance through advanced connectivity, smart features through apps or voice, and unique effects bringing a theater-like experience to your home.

From simple backlights to hubs capable of controlling multiple devices and lights, TV backlight LEDs can add fun and style to your music, movies, and gaming.

For assistance in taking your TV room to the next level with top-quality backlighting products, call Yeelight and schedule a demonstration today.

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