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The Best Gaming Light Shapes for You

The Best Gaming Light Shapes for You

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Lately, the use of geometric-shaped LED lights has increased. The shapes vary in thickness and size. These lights can transform the ambiance of your gaming room by adding soothing, smooth, and immersive lighting effects and wall art.

Most gaming lights shapes are not heavy, and you can easily install them with adhesive tapes. Therefore you don’t have to drill holes in your walls.

This article brings you some of the best types of decorative shape lights. It also discusses how you can light up your room for gaming.

Types of Gaming Lights Shapes You Should Try

An excellent decorative RGB LED lighting is customizable and can boost your room set up to make it more comfortable and attractive. It should also be compatible with several connectivity options such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Here are a few top decorative shape lights you should know.

Neon Sign Decorative Light

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If you don’t like triangles and hexagons, you may like irregular shapes. Neon signs are applicable in basement theatres, home studios, kids’ nightstands, or gaming desks. Neon signs are handmade, stylish, and operate on batteries or a USB power supply.

Moreover, they are economical; their energy consumption is only 5 watts.

Yescom Led Smart Light Kit

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The Yescom kit contains 11 hexagon lights, each consisting of 19 LEDs. The panels interlock, and they are easy to install. Mounting them on the wall is also easy with the help of adhesive tape. You can connect them through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

These lights consume low voltage; they are lightweight and have a long lifespan of about 16 000 hours. Also, the kit is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and touch and voice sensing.

Nanoleaf Shapes Smart Kit

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Nanoleaf lights are the top best geometric lighting. The lights are touch-sensitive, and you can control music visualizer sync, color, and brightness effects or volume by tapping the panels. The module comes with optional and discreet control buttons hidden on one unit that you can use in place of the app.

You can combine the mini triangles, triangles, and hexagons from various kits to create continuous and sophisticated designs that will produce stylish lighting. The app allows you to program each panel separately and develop your creative themes.

Odistar Hexagon Light

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The Ordistar lamp consists of six touch-sensitive honeycomb-shaped pads. You can tap the pads to change colors or create your favorite mixes. The package is inclusive of adhesive tape for easy wall installation.

Moreover, they are not controllable through an app but have remote control and 13 monochrome modes with dimming, fading flashing, and sleep timer effects. These lights have soft brightness and are suitable for gaming rooms, home studios, or bedroom lighting.

How Can I Light Up My Room for Gaming?

Whether hosting a competition with your peers, live streaming, or playing solo games, you need the proper mood lighting to bring your event to life.

Before you get started, you need to understand various factors that will help you choose the right gaming lights for your room, including:

Why You Need Gaming Lights

Gaming in absolute darkness may cause disorientation, headaches, and eye strain. Imagine knocking and spilling your drink at the climax of your favorite game in the dark, and you scramble to clean it to prevent it from reaching your consoles and controllers.

Gaming lights provide you with sufficient light to see your gaming equipment and avoid knocking over things accidentally.

They also bridge the disparity between your monitor’s brightness and the surrounding atmosphere, allowing you to play longer and comfortably.

Moreover, they create a special immersive and befitting gaming environment.

The Types of Light That Gamers Use

Ordinary ceiling lights can cause glare on your gaming PC monitor and make it difficult for you to see. You need to customize your gaming space to create the right atmosphere for a better gaming experience. Some of the best gaming room lighting ideas include:

  • LED lights offer a relaxing, soft, and welcoming atmosphere. You can place them behind your monitor or under your gaming desk to brighten the game. They have multiple color options and are easy to set up and use.
  • Laser lights project vibrant colors that provide just the required brightness level suitable for streaming. Laser lights are a perfect wall lighting solution.
  • Skylights project the effects of galaxies. You can create an immersive gaming atmosphere and an interactive streaming background by spreading galaxy patterns on your ceiling and walls.
  • Fan lights help cool down the gaming devices and fill the room with flashy lights at the same time. The gaming PC and consoles may overheat during prolonged gaming sessions; fanlights can serve both purposes simultaneously.

How To Select the Right Lighting for Your Gaming Space

Once you know the various gaming lights, you can decide which ones best suit your requirements. Here are some of the main things to look at when selecting gaming lights:

  • Where to place the lights: You may use wall lights, skylights, or projectors if you want to create a live streaming background. But if you need bias lighting behind your monitor, go for lights that are connectible through USB.
  • The size of your gaming space; A single light may be enough for a gaming room as small as your bedroom. However, you will need several lights to lit up a larger gaming space.
  • Minimize the wiring. Excessive wires may ruin the appearance of your gaming room. Consider using lights with fewer wires, but it can give you the proper lighting and minimized power bills.

Final Thoughts

You can apply various gaming lights shapes to transform your gaming room setup and enrich your gaming experience. At Yeelight, we can help you identify what best suits your room and the types of games you play. Give us a call or visit our showroom today for a demonstration.

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