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Best Intriguing Must-have Gaming Lights Christmas Tricks

Best Intriguing Must-have Gaming Lights Christmas Tricks

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The holiday season’s most festive and fun aspect is decorating both inside and outside your home using colorful lights.

Using the old incandescent lights repeatedly made designing holiday decorations a challenging task. But now, Christmas lights come in various bulb types with more blinking patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. But the question is, how do you select the best Christmas decorative lights?

With so many varieties on the market, choosing the right products for your festive season home decoration may be difficult.

This article guides you on the tips and tricks to use when selecting the best gaming lights Christmas for your home. It also brings you the nine best decorative lights for Christmas.

Factors To Consider When Selecting the Best Christmas Decorative Lights

When choosing the best decorative lights for Christmas, you need to think about whether you want to illuminate outdoors, indoors, or both. Other factors you need to consider are the type of light, color, shape, how you want to space them, and if you need any whistles or bells.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

When it comes to the placement of string lights, you can explore three different options, namely:

  • Outdoor only
  • outdoor/indoor
  • Indoor only

Be sure to check the safety rating of the products before purchasing them. Generally, it is safe to use outdoor lights in the house, but most indoor lamps are not safe for outdoor use. It may be hazardous to expose indoor lights to outdoor weather and moisture-they could short out.

Incandescent vs. LED Lights

Traditional incandescent lights have become old-fashioned with the increasing popularity of LEDs for many reasons.

Incandescent lights are less appealing; they produce a warm glow. They are cheaper than LEDs but costly over time for higher energy consumption. They also have more heat and burn curious children.

RGB LED lights are more expensive compared to incandescent lamps. LEDs consume about 10 percent of the energy consumption of an equivalent incandescent light and have a longer lifespan. LED lights are brighter and can’t burn you accidentally.

Bulb Size, Shape, and Color

The ordinary teardrop and the round globe lights are the most common Christmas lights. However, several alternatives are increasingly available, including rope lights, snowflakes, and icicles.

Today, there are limitless options you can consider. You may also mix them and match your desired r we results.

There are many different sizes of globe and teardrop lights. Here are the popular ones:

  • Mini lights have a length of ⅝ inches. This size is the most common and is suitable for small outdoor/indoor accent lighting and tree decorations.
  • C6 bulbs measure about 1⅛ inches long and are strawberry-shaped. They are ideal for decorating indoor trees.
  • C7 bulbs measure 1½ inches and wrap well around banisters and more giant trees because of their length.
  • C9 bulbs have a length of 2½ -3 inches and are teardrop-shaped. They are very impactful on outdoor displays.
  • G12 bulbs have a diameter of 1½ inches. They are globe-shaped with a raspberry-like etched design and suitable for outdoor and indoor displays.

The gaming lights Christmas have a vast spectrum of colors; it depends on your taste and preferences. You may opt for a monochromatic elegance or go with the traditional green and red and keep things classic. Unlike in the past, string lights now have more diverse colors like turquoise, purple, and pink.

Spacing and String Length

With a longer string, you can cover a larger area. However, the spacing and number of bulbs on the line determine the display’s appearance. It is wise to check the online description or packaging to verify the spacing/number of bulbs and string lengths before purchasing the lights.

  • Length of the strings. Specially shaped strings are often shorter than 15 feet. The ordinary shaped lights can be as long as 100 feet. When selecting the string length, you need to remember that longer strips are not easy to neatly wind and store after the Christmas holidays.
  • Bulb spacing and number: Mini lights usually have 4 to 6 inches spacing. A 25-foot strip will have 50 bulbs, while a 50-foot will comprise 100 bulbs.

To identify the most suitable options for your outdoor and indoor decorative lighting requirements, use the following tricks:

  • Take the measurements of the tree. Then aim for approximately 100 lights for each foot in the tree’s height.
  • Determine the length of the area you want to decorate. Then, consider the bare wire stretch at plug ends while shopping for light strings. It would be best to add some extra length to misappropriation.
  • Join the strip lights carefully. To achieve your desired length, you may plug numerous strips together. But you need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning the number of strings you can safely combine. It is advisable to combine similar types of lights to prevent overload hazards.
  • Use net lights on outdoor foliage. Try wrapping net lights over your shrubbery instead of using separate strip lights. Net lights are mesh sheets with bulbs evenly spread, which you can quickly drape over the foliage. Most nets measure 6 feet by 4 feet, and they comprise 150 bulbs.

Power Source

There are different power option versions of strip lights; most use standard power outlets, and others use solar and battery power.

If there are no power sockets in the area where you want to decorate, the battery and solar-powered options will be perfect to avoid running extension cables around, which could be risky.

Additional Special Features

The most recent models of gaming lights Christmas go beyond just adding color and light; they can help you make a unique seasonal splash.

Some lights comprise control boxes with different settings for lighting patterns such as sequential colors, fast/slow fade, waves, blinking, etc. others even play and dance to the beat of the music.

Another bonus feature of modern Christmas decoration lights is a remote control; it allows to efficiently operate the lights without touching the toggle switches on the cord.

Now that you know the tricks to help you identify the best light choice for your Christmas home decor, you may consider the following top nine picks.

1. Home Accents Icicle Twinkle Holiday String Lights

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The Home Accents Icicle is a 17.5 feet long string comprising 200 icicle dome-LED lights. It is ideal for creating a stunning winter scape. The lights randomly blink; they look like real icicles.

If you want to create a dainty setup for your porch rail, eaves, or roof, the icicle could be your best choice; it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and you can join up to 15 strings.

2. Home Accents 300 Mini Incandescent Holiday Light

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The Home Accents 300 mini is the best incandescent Christmas light. It gives a warm light befitting your living room Christmas tree. The strings are subtle and simple and prove that you can create a nice holiday ambiance without the blinking patterns or flashy colors.

3. Yuletime LED Cool White Christmas Lights

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A Yuletime strand is a 66 feet long string composed of LED cool white bulbs that can complement various decorative schemes. They have green strings and are suitable for blending in on tree decoration.

If you want an old-school look or holiday decoration style Yuletime LED strip is the perfect choice for you; it glows similarly to ordinary incandescent lights.

4. Noma Christmas RGB LED Lights

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Noma light strings contain diamond-cut LED C6 bulbs and are the ideal size for the house front. They make driveway posts easy to spot and small enough for use on staircase garlands and door wreaths. They give pure white lighting that is sophisticated and evokes a traditional Christmas.

Also, unlike colored lights, white light is easily noticeable on an ornament-filled tree.

5. Wintergreen Christmas Multicolor Lights

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The Wintergreen light is a 17 feet long string with LED C9 bulbs 3 inches tall. The glitter is ideal for jazzing up your front porch or framing your roof.

You can also use them to highlight a taller Christmas tree. You can join up to 90 wintergreen strings together long enough to wind around the whole house. The showstopping large bulbs make this string a great choice if your home is far from the road; they will make it noticeable.

Moreover, you can use these strings both indoors and outdoor.

6. Home Accents 300 Multicolor Mini Christmas Light

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The Home Accents 300 multicolor is the best mini-colored Christmas light with five vivid colors. They are ordinarily shaped, and affordable incandescent lights spaced 2.75 inches apart on the string that will remind you of Christmas in the past.

The bulb spacing makes these lights ideal for adding a bright look to door wreaths and small trees. You can also connect three pieces.

7. Twinkle Star 200 Christmas LED String Lights

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The twinkle star 200 string is a 66 feet long set comprising warm white LED lights. It allows you to create various blinking modes for an immersive decorative Christmas atmosphere. The lights have eight settings:

  • Steady on
  • Twinkle flash
  • Slow fade
  • chasing /flash
  • Sequential
  • Slo-Glo
  • Waves
  • Combination

The bulbs have a spacing of 3.9inches and are considered fairy lights for their small size. The close spacing is suitable for lighting your indoor Christmas tree.

Moreover, they are not waterproof and therefore unsuitable for outdoor decorations.

8. Twinkle Star 360 Christmas LED Net Lights

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The twinkle star 360 is one of the best outdoor Christmas decorative lights.

This light offers a super-simple solution if you are stressed with holiday lighting decoration choices. You drape the twinkly Christmas light over your tree or bush straight from the box. The light has a pleasant glow and comes with a 16.5 feet long power cable that can reach a far socket without extension cables.

Also, the twinkle star 360 has eight preset blinking modes, namely:

  • twinkle/flash
  • Slow fade
  • Steady on
  • chasing/flash
  • Slow glow
  • Combination
  • Sequential
  • In waves

The wires are very light and can’t damage fragile Christmas trees.

9. Joomer Solar Christmas String Light

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If you are looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas lighting solution, Joomer solar is excellent. It has no baggage of cords and plugs. When fully charged, it can be lit up for 8 hours.

Moreover, the light comes with a light-sensing switching technology that automatically turns on the light at dusk and off at dawn.

Final Thoughts

Although all the gaming lights Christmas are great for decorating your home during the festive seasons, the right choice depends on your color choice and preference, house setup, and location, among other factors.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that you buy genuine quality products. Call Yeelight today for the ultimate quality Christmas decorative lighting solution.

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