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10+ Best Gaming Lamps in 2022 for Pro Gaming Experience

10+ Best Gaming Lamps in 2022 for Pro Gaming Experience

Gaming is an exciting experience that you can improve with the right set of accessories. Smart gaming lamps can be your best companion from the background while you keep your focus on destroying the hordes of your enemies.

Lighting up your room or the ambiance with the right contrast of light can make the gaming experience more exciting and add life elements. So, if you are a newbie gaming enthusiast or a gaming PRO, here are some of the best gaming lamp options you can consider.

Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro – Best Gaming Lamp

An immersive gaming experience isn’t possible without effectively adjusted lights of perfect brightness. Just imagine, while taking your smart moves in an exciting game, you miss a minute detail because of glare. Or, you can’t seem to continue the game from an important turn because of the continuous eye strain.

Tough gaming lamps have become essential because of their entrancing effects on your playing stamina. But if you can’t install them because of many reasons including, pricing and space of their desk, Yeelight has got you covered.

Yeelight has its best Monitor Light Bar Pro which is perfectly designed for the gaming enthusiast. The light can be installed on your monitor to adjust the light as you need. It doesn’t take up any space on your desk plus creates no glare.

The light comes with 16 million color options to choose from with sleepless dimming and adjustable color temperature. With it, you can create a perfect environment for your gaming victories.

Moreover, you can easily control the light with your voice by connecting it with Smart Assistants including Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, OverFlow, and it also works with SmartThings. There’s also a Wireless Flexible Rotary Switch Knob with which you can do almost everything including

  • Screen light on/off with one press.
  • Mood light on/off with long press.
  • Decrease brightness as you need by turning anticlockwise.
  • Increase brightness by turning clockwise.
  • Increasing and decreasing the color temperature by pressing and rotating.
  • Switch mode by double pressing.

Plus, the light fits perfectly on both, straight and curved screens and comes with a magnetic mount for easy adjustments. The light comes with a USB cable adapter that you can connect directly to your PC.

With all these features, the Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro helps you with a perfect environment to unleash your true gaming potential on a friendly budget.

Best Gaming Desk Lamps

Philips Hue Play Smart Lamp


Hue is a smart LED light solution from Philips Technologies, the best pick for an enhanced gaming experience. You can install it easily in your gaming station, plug it into the power supply, and connect it with your mobile and app to adjust the color.

It comes with 16 million color variations with an adjustable brightness option. It means that you can control and customize the lights of your room as per your mood.

About manufacturing material and design, it comes with sturdy material, quality design, and compact shape. You can easily adjust it anywhere on your desk. Moreover, you can integrate and control it via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit.

But the biggest disadvantage is its top-tier cost, plus you have to purchase the Hue Hub to use it to its fullest. However, if some extra bucks aren’t an issue for you, installing Philips Hue Play Smart Lamp on your gaming desk would be best.

UNIFUN Touch Table Lamp


UNIFUN Touch Table Lamp is an RGBW gaming desk lamp famous for its soft mood lighting with a touch control feature under budget-friendly pricing. The lamp comes in a sophisticated design in a cylindrical shape of a metallic base which sits perfectly on your gaming desk.

It comes in multiple color options, which means you can get the matching color base identical to your laptop or computer system. You can easily control it with just a touch of your finger. There aren’t any buttons to make it look like general stuff.

You turn on/off the power, change light modes, brightness, color, and even turn it on the sleep mode with touch controls. Moreover, the base comes with three different color temperatures helping you create a suitable environment for work needing a different type of concentration, i.e., focus, sleep, or read.

Unlike other LED lights, the wide range of RGB lights in the UNIFUN touch lamp creates a pleasantly soothing environment when struck with its topmost surface. The light doesn’t directly strike your eyes, instead creates a colored environment around the place.

With all these features, UNIFUN Touch Table Lamp is my best choice for the newbie gaming enthusiasts who might want to have a classy gaming PlayStation at a low cost.

Philips Hue Go


Hue Go of Philips is a perfect option for those who want a clutter-free desk without any headaches from cable management. After all, cable-free accessories make the entire table look clean and sorted. The Philips Hue Go is another smart RGB lamp for gaming PROs that comes with a sturdy body, aesthetic design, and, indeed, soothing light.

You can use the portable light source to lift people’s moods for multiple purposes. You can easily control it with other Hue products or smart assistants.

Philips Hue Go comes in a cup-shaped compact body design that you can fit anywhere on the table. Being cable-free or wireless makes it portable on the go, and it doesn’t take up much space. But you have to be attentive about charging it up on time to keep enjoying the soothing experience.

Same as other RGB smart lights, Philips Hue Go comes with 16 million RGB colors and multiple shades of white. You can also connect both lamps to keep the colors in sync or enjoy two different colors at once. In a nutshell, it is a perfect option for an immersive gaming setup.

HugoAI RGBW Smart Lamp


HugoAI RGBW Smart Lamp is another best gaming desk lamp that can fit on your desk perfectly. It comes with a curved cylindrical body of coated sturdy material, which emits off smooth life for a comfy environment.

It also comes with 16 million RGBW light color options. You can light up your room as you feel and lift your mood with energetic light colors. Moreover, you can choose between the different warm and natural white options.

Furthermore, you can take full control over the lamp via different smart assistants and home apps. So, you can adjust the lights or turn on the sleep mode using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Smart life app.

These smart features are available for just under $40 bucks with a compact shape and sturdy body, making it a perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Best Gaming Floor Lights

‎NICENT RGB Corner Floor Gaming Lamp


Some people are obsessed with a minimalistic gaming setup but don’t want to miss out on anything that elevates the gaming experience. If they can’t place the gaming lights on the desk, there are still some exciting options to consider.

NICENT RGB Corner Floor Gaming Lamp is designed for minimalist enthusiasts and goes in the corner of your room. Besides being a corner lamp, it is still as eye-soothing as other desk or LED gaming lights.

The lamp is a standing pole of the metallic body with a black finish balanced by two right-angled legs at the bottom. It also gives you control over 16 million RGB color options and comes with a smart app.

With the smart app, you can control and customize the lighting patterns, colors, lighting effects and timing, brightness, and everything else. Moreover, you can also set modes options based on your liking.

The ‘smartness’ in NICENT has taken one step ahead as the lamp comes with a microphone that changes or shifts the light colors according to the music playing in the background. So if you are celebrating pop music, be ready to get surprised.

HueLiv RGBW Floor Lamp


Many people want to have full control over their gaming space instead of having a minimalist gaming desk. So, a dominant floor lamp is a perfect option to get over everything around you.

HueLive RGBW Floor Lamp is designed for those wanting to have complete control over their gaming room. The lamp comes with a metallic standing body with a large circular light disc at the top. When turned on, it emits soothing as well as intensive light. The intensity of light can be as bright as 2000 lumen.

In addition to 16 million RGB lighting support of 16 million shades, it comes with different shades of white — making it a multi-purpose light source. You can control it via the Smart Life App or Smart AI Assistants, and it can be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, it comes with music sync, custom timing, an adjustable headlamp, and multiple scenes features to take things to the next level.

LEONC Soft Light LED Floor Lamp


LEONC soft light LED floor lamp is another great pick for magnificent gaming setup lovers. The big size lamp, which emits soothing light of different shades, is designed to suit any of your rooms. Though it is simply a standing cylindrical shape with designed edges made up of an authentic metallic frame.

When illuminated, the sturdy body and modern design with textural lamp shade emit a warm-toned light to lift the mood. Moreover, it comes with dimmable LED bulbs so that you can set the intensity of brightness to create an exciting atmosphere.

Furthermore, it is backed by more than just one bulb, both controllable with remote control. You can also select any color from the RGB colors of the smart bulb or set the bulb on the dynamic light mode. So you can set the room lighting for reading, sleeping, or gaming.

SURLED RGB Corner Floor Lamp for Gaming Room


SURLED RGB floor lamp is a unique pick for those who want to keep the aesthetic look of their decor. The lamp comes in a standing U-shaped cylindrical circle with a color temperature range of 3000 to 6000k. The smooth metallic body illuminates soothing light for uniform intensity.

You can turn on light from any of the 16 million colors and 300+ lighting effects to make the perfect gaming environment. Moreover, you can control it with your Bluetooth App or the remote control to adjust the light intensity, brightness, and color shades.

Additionally, it comes with a music mode that changes color depending on the music rhythm. So if you want to feel the intensity of the game in your environment, turn up the music feature and enjoy.

The most prominent feature of this pick is its sturdy material body, aesthetic design, and the average life of the bulb, which is 30,000 hours on average.

Best LED Gaming Desk Lamp



Your gaming desk is incomplete without LED strips around your table and monitor, but they can be quite expensive. However, these AOGUERBE RGB LED strips are just like the perfect solution you need for perfect lighting on a limited budget.

These LED strips are listed as Amazon’s Choice and cost you just FIFTEEN bucks for a 16 ft strip — the most decent deal for the product. The strips come in 16 varieties of colors with multiple levels or modes of adjustment.

You can control it with a remote and adjust the color, intensity, and light level. Of course, more expensive LED strips come with more features, but they have everything you need on an affordable budget — making it a decent choice.

AFROG Multifunctional Smart LED Desk Lamp


Gaming is cool when turned on multi-colored lights. But when this excitement lasts for nights, it can strain your eyes. However, if you use adjustable shades of white to keep a smooth environment, the problem could be solved, even if only a little.

AFROG’s Multifunctional Smart LED Desk lamp is designed for the same purpose. It doesn’t come with the RGB color options, but it comes with a variety of shades of white with different color temperatures from 2700K to 6000K. So, you can set the environment as you need.

You can control the LED desk lamp completely with the touch sensor. The lamp won’t forget any of your settings as it comes with a smart memory option. Moreover, it features a charging option you can use to charge your different devices simultaneously.

These features make this AFROG Multifunctional Smart LED desk lamp a perfect companion for a weary gamer to help recover your eyes after a long and exciting gaming session.

Cololight Hexagon LED Gaming Lamp


Cololight Hexagon LED Gaming lamp is a completely new version of how you could transform the RGB light options with customization. It comes with multiple hexagonal panels that you can put together to form a pattern. The pattern of these multi-colored customized hexagons perfectly suits your gaming station’s wall.

You need to connect the main panel with the main base. After that, you can create any pattern based on your preference. Moreover, you can control the lamp with your smart devices or smart AI assistants, including Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

Additionally, it comes with a music sync feature that illuminates light according to the rhythm of the music. The Cololight Hexagon LED lamp is perfect for gaming enthusiasts, both in terms of pricing and features.

BenQ Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp


BenQ Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp is designed for PRO gamers who actively work on improving their health without missing out on their gaming routine. Such gamers want to take a break from those RGB light options and have soothing lights in the environment.

The lamp comes in two different forms, a straight arm and a swing arm. The straight arm lamp is like a simple desk lamp. However, you can adjust the swing arm lamp as you need.

Moreover, the lamp is completely free from RGB options and remote control features. Since it is all about taking care of your eyes, it comes with variant shades of white. You can turn on a soothing tone if you want to relax or a cooler tone to stay focused on the task.

The lamp is designed not just for gamers, but it is also used and loved by people who keep working on their screens for so long. However, it costs a little higher, and it is worth it.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition – Best Gaming Wall Lamp


For many expert-level gamers, the setup is incomplete without an aesthetic background. Especially if you are a streamer, the background contributes to the energy of your live streams.

What if your background’s color changes as your screen colors? Or what if the background light fluctuates as the music plays? These features will bring extra joy and capture more attention making the gaming session more lively and enjoyable.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Wall Lamp is designed to make each gaming session EXTRAORDINARY. You can purchase the panels separately and join them to form an ironic shape on the wall.

The panels have RGB light options with over 16 million colors and a built-in music sensor. The sensor detects the music or audio of the environment and shifts the light colors. Moreover, you can also connect it with your screen to display the same colors as your screen.

This aesthetic look with smart features and smart control makes Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition a most-wanted background wall lamp for an immersive gaming experience — which is worth it.

Best Gaming Lighting Ideas for Gaming Pros

Gaming is a completely different world that needs customization to help you explore it.

Improper adjustments of environment lights like overheard light on screen can make it hard to see your path in the Mario Kart. Or you can get the whole game messed up in Minecraft because of the unadjusted floor and desk lamps.

To level up your gaming experience, here are some fascinating gaming lighting ideas from gaming experts.

  • Fan Lights: Long gaming sessions can make your computers and gaming consoles overheat, which might affect their functionality. Installation of fan lights can help you keep your devices cool while illuminating fascinating lights around the room.
  • Sky Lights: An important part of your gaming streaming session in the background and sky lights are designed to make it look aesthetic. These lights will project patterns of galaxies on the ceiling or wall, depending on the direction.
  • LED Lights: Smooth lights ejecting around the table and monitor are becoming integral to new gaming trends. LED lights are known and purchased for their soft and relaxing light effect, making the entire environment look classic.
  • Laser Lights: Another great gaming lighting idea for live streaming is laser lights. These lights are known for projecting vibrant colors with the perfect brightness.

There are several options to consider, and no matter how many we list, they are less for a passionate gamer. However, while selecting lights for your setup, consider the size of your room.

LED lights and lamps will be enough if it is like a standardized office room. However, if you own the entire basement, you can install wall lamps, floor lamps, and LED lamps.

Moreover, if you install lights on your table and monitor, it is best to go with USB port connection options — it will be easy to connect them via a USB port. The best decision is to avoid adding up more cable-based accessories.

Wireless accessories are a great option to consider. They will add excitement and aesthetic look without making your desk or gaming room messy.

Furthermore, many gaming lamps come with smart control options. This means you can control them via voice or Smart AI Assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Installing lights with smart control can give you more customization options without getting off your desk.

Best Gaming Desk Lamp FAQs

  • What Lighting Is Best For Gaming?

LED lights and Fan lights are best for gaming. These multifunctional lights offer more advantages than just lifting the gaming room environment.

  • What LED Light Color Helps With Gaming?

A soft and relaxing LED light color with a daylight white temperature is best for gaming. It keeps the environment relaxed and soothing and helps you stay calm while figuring out an intense battle.

  • How Do I Light Up My Room For Gaming?

To light up your room for gaming, consider installing smart LED table light, lamp, and background lights with RGB options. These smart lights will help you maintain an immersive gaming environment. But make sure to consider the space and install gaming lamps depending on that.

  • Is Backlight Good For Gaming?

Yes, gaming can be intense and cause you an eye strain. The backlight will brighten the screen within the device, reducing its impact on your eyes. Thus, saving you from eye strain.

  • What Is The Best Contrast For Gaming?

Adjusting the contrast for gaming isn’t an easy job. Too much and too little unadjusted brightness can cause eye strain and headaches. The best contrast for gaming should be anywhere between 70 to 80%, whereas the brightness setting should be 250 to 350 cd/m2.

Final Words

Gaming is an exciting world that needs the right environment to thrill in. To win the intensive battles on the screen, you need an adjusted environment to support your focus, attention, and stamina to build up your excitement.

If you want to install the best gaming lamp, try Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro or UNIFUN Touch Table Lamp. Both are perfect, a great deal for their price, and can take your gaming experience to the next level.

However, for gaming floor lights, NICENT RGB Floor Lamp and HueLive RGBW Floor Lamp are the best in terms of their size, shape, aesthetic look, and of course, pricing.

Though LED lights have become an integral part, nothing can be better than the AOGUERBE RGB LED strips. But if you have enough space, you can also consider installing the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition, the best gaming wall lamp.

All of these options, if considered consciously, can improve your gaming focus and help you stay on top of each match.

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