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FAQ About Yeelight Rechargeable Sensor Night Light

FAQ About Yeelight Rechargeable Sensor Night Light

Q: What is the color temperature of the rechargeable motion sensor night light?

A: 2700 K.

Q: What is the brightness of the night light?

A: Sensor mode is 3.5 lm, and lighting mode 7lm

Q: What is night light mode?

A: Night light mode (sensor mode): switch the light to “auto mode” to turn on automatically when it detects motion. The glare-free light endows you with a softening night.

Q: What is the lighting mode?

A: Set the light to “on mode” to use the light as a stable light source.

Q: How do night light sensors work?

A: Equipped with an infrared sensor, the Yeelight Nightlight lights the way when it detects motion 5-7m away.

Q: What is the working temperature of the night light?

A: The working temperature is -10-+40℃(14-104°F)

Q: What sensor does the light have?

A: It is a rechargeable night light with a motion sensor (PIR) and a light sensor.

Q: Is there a phone model requirement for this light?

A: Yes. The light is compatible with Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 9.0 and above that support Wi-Fi.



Q: What kind of battery does the LED motion sensor night light come with?

A: 750 mA lithium battery. And the night light comes with a micro USB.

Q: What is the power of the light?

A: The max power is 0.25 watts and the min power is 0.12 watts.

Q: What is the lifespan of the light?

A: The lifespan is about 25,000 hours.

Q: What is the rated input of the light?

A: The rated input in the US is 120V~60Hz 0.07A, 220V-240V~50/60Hz 0.04A for Europe and China, and 100V-240V~50/60Hz 0.07A in other regions.

Q: Are night lights good for sleep?

A: Yes. Nightlight provides you a sense of security as you try to get to sleep. Night lights are proven to provide this feeling when children have nightmares or develop a fear of the dark, meaning that should your little one wake in the night, they will feel safe and secure.

Q: Are night lights good for babies?

A: Yes. It has even been suggested that leaving a night light on in a baby’s bedroom may help to boost visual development between birth and 4 months.

Q: What is the standby time of this night light?

A: The standby time is 120 days.

Q: Is the sensor night light good for the eyes?

A: Yes. It is flare-free. And the soft light protects your eyes.

Q: How do I install the sensor night light?

A: Either attached to the surface or hung with a hook, the ambient LED light can easily be placed at any corner of your room.

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