The Best Color Changing LED Christmas Lights

The Best Color Changing LED Christmas Lights-YEELIGHT

The first time you see Christmas lights is a solid indicator that the holiday season is among us. The holidays are a joyous time of year for many individuals, and some begin decorating months in advance. What’s the harm in trying? Christmas LED lights that can change color adorn the streets of many neighborhoods and provide joy to almost everyone.

In order to find the finest Christmas LED color-changing lights for both inside and outside your house, we’ve sifted out some of the best color changing LED Christmas lights. But before that, let’s take a look at how these color-changing lights work?

How Do Color Changing LED Christmas Lights Work?

In reality, a color-changing LED isn’t just one LED, it’s typically three LEDs combined with a basic computer controller that allows you to control them. By combining a red, blue, and green LED, each of which is controlled simultaneously by the controller unit, the color-changing LED is able to create every color in the rainbow.

For example, if the red and green LED are turned off but the blue LED is turned on, the LED unit will give off a blue light. The same goes for red and green.

Beyond that, if red is then turned on in addition to blue, the color changes to purple. If red is instead only conducted at 50% value then the color would be between blue and purple. By adjusting these values with various combinations of red, blue, and green any color in the rainbow can be created.

This is also essentially how color-changing LEDs are created. By starting with 100% blue and programming a gradual increase from 0% to 100% red, the light appears to gradually change from blue to purple.

LED Christmas lights are without a doubt the brightest, longest-lasting, and overall most powerful Christmas lights that have ever been invented.

Color Changing Led Christmas Lights with Remote

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Brizled LED Christmas Lights offer the added benefit of being able to switch between warm white and colorful lights through remote control. It’s also possible to alter the brightness of the 200-light set and switch between 11 various light settings. For 197 feet of light, you may connect up to three units. The shifting lights and soft white lights are also perfect for the days after Christmas.

Christmas Light Strip



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Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S features 16 million flowing colors to meet multiple lighting scenes, compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings.

Use Strip 1S to suit your mood during Christmas. You can adjust the brightness, color temperature, and select among 16 million colors to create the perfect lighting scenes.

Color changing light strip is a good option if you only need peripheral illumination for your Christmas vibe – beneath cabinets, along countertop edges, or around picture frames. Yeelight LED Light Strip 1S is exactly what it sounds like: a spool of LED party lights that can frequently be trimmed to fit and come in a slim strip that is ideal for framing windows, lining door frames, and much more. The nice thing about LED light ropes is that they can be tailored to fit your needs. One fascinating application is to use them as a highlighter on the sidewalk or route to your garden to fill your house with Christmas vibe inside out!

LED Rope Lights for Christmas

Lighting EVER’s rope lights come with 8 lighting modes, dimmable, and controllable by remote. There are two techniques to regulate the light. To turn on/off the string light and choose between the 7 flashing modes and the remain on mode, use the blue switch button or the remote controller.

This rope light is soft and can be bent into any shape to beautify the outline of a building, window, sidewalk, patio, garden, fence, porch, restaurant, club, pool deck, bar, and more.

Wrapping rope lights over trees, columns, and fences is a terrific way to add a Christmas touch to your home. These are battery-powered and dimmable, and you can control them using a remote.

Best Outdoor Color Changing Led Christmas Lights



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Mibote 55ft 112 LEDs Colored Fairy Lights are a string of multi-colored globe lights that will give your home or garden a more contemporary air.

There are 8 lighting settings to choose from combination, sequential, gradual fade, twinkle to steady on. You may vary the modes depending on the occasion.

With IP65 water resistant level, they are ideal for gardens, patios, bars, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, weddings, birthdays, and, of course, Christmas parties. A great decoration for both outside and inside.

Color Changing LED Christmas Lights C9

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Consider Noma’s C9 LED Christmas Lights if you’re looking for the most exciting and festive lights on the street. There are 24 LED C9 bulbs included in this bundle. 16-foot-long strands are available in a wide range of hues, but multicolored is a timeless favorite.

With secure built-in spring-loaded clips, you can install your Christmas lights in half the time it takes in the past. With a 180-degree rotation, you may guide the lights in the appropriate direction. Durable acrylic resin, drain holes, and weather-sealed sockets protect against damage and survive the most extreme weather conditions. The 25 LED lights are energy-efficient, cool to the touch, and use less electricity. Each 16’8-foot strand features plug-ins on both ends that enable you to connect up to 90 strands. These lights will add a distinctive glow to any holiday, wedding, or birthday celebration, and they clip firmly to trees, rooflines, and railings. The product’s small reusable packaging makes it particularly convenient to keep during the off season.


Color Changing Led Christmas Lights give just the right amount of accent illumination for your Christmas dinner party. Consider them more as Christmas light decorations than major light source, adding a subtle but vital finishing touch to your event.

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