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Best Monitor Light Bars 2023

Best Monitor Light Bars 2023

What is Monitor Light Bar

Monitor light bars have grown more popular as computers have become a vital part of our everyday life. Maybe you’ve seen folks who have monitor light bars and wondered why they had them. “The room lighting in my workplace is typically bright enough, but it’s kindashadowy’ ”. If you’ve ever had this concern, you’ve come to the right place.

What Does Monitor Light Bar Do?

People are often perplexed by the broad rod of light that many people attach to the top of displays and beam more or less downward. Is it turning on the monitor’s screen? What about the desk? Both? Is it interfering with the brightness of the screen?

Actually, monitor light bar is a pretty useful task light for your work area. In addition to saving you the need for a large lamp sitting on the desk or hanging off of something, it is just the lamp that solves almost all the user pain points with traditional task lighting.

Simply speaking, when you look at them, you’d probably be like: “Wow, this is the thing that I’ve always wanted but just didn’t know—a solution to fix the traditional desk lamp problems that have been boggling my mind for like…forever”.

So, what exactly are the benefits of a monitor light bar? Let’s read on.

Benefits of Monitor Light Bar



•Screen light bar contributes to eye strain reduction by avoiding screen reflection, which minimizes glare and dazzle. They assist in filtering out certain wavelengths of light, alleviating eye strain and glare caused by LED displays.

•Utilizing a monitor light bar enables you to properly organize all of your cords and wires beneath the display rather than scattering them across your desk. This will save you time when it comes to organizing your desk.

• Monitor lights or light bars are an excellent choice for desks with limited vertical space since they occupy the vertical area above your monitor.

• They are compact and lightweight.

• They enhance ergonomics in the workplace by allowing for color temperature adjustment.

• They guarantee that the light is directed at your workplace rather than your monitor, which is a common problem with most table lamps.

These are just some of the main benefits. To see more, please read our Benefits of Using Monitor Light Bar



Best Monitor Light Bar

1. Yeelight LED Monitor Light Bar Pro



Yeelight LED Monitor Light Bar Pro provides a wide range of pre-set light modes for different events. It is especially designed for gamers who wish for an upgraded gaming experience. With it, you can enjoy not only the common benefits of a monitor light bar; there’s more.

16-million mood colors:The Monitor Light Bar Pro allows you to celebrate your heroic actions with 16 million colors, creating the perfect lighting effects for your every move.

Smart control: The light bar works well with smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. It can be easily managed by voice or a touch on the screen.

Perfect gaming light: The light bar can be easily integrated with major gaming platforms, including Razer Chroma™ RGB and Overwolf, creating a more immersive gaming experience by offering interactive lighting for mainstream PC games.



A work from home light: Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro is made for those who work from home, a good choice for your eye health that prevents reflections on your computer screen. In addition, the magnetic-mounted light bar also provides adjustable lighting orientation with up to 25 degrees to significantly reduce glare.

Wireless remote: Equipped with a remote rotary knob, the light bar allows you to switch conveniently between game lighting and office lighting, with brightness and color temperature adjustable by turning the knob, the app, or voice control.

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Suitable for curved monitor: This light bar is compatible with both straight and curved screens. Just easily attach it to the top of your monitor, and enjoy the beautifully designed light and the plenty of desktop space.

Backlights: One of the most exciting office or gaming room lighting ideas is to employ backlighting, which aims to accentuate certain features. It creates a stunning impression in your room with just a little effort from you. Backlit panels and screens both benefit greatly from the use of these types of lighting.

A good thing with Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro is that it comes with a monitor light and an RGB dimming ambient backlight. With it, you can add a nice dash of flair and inventiveness to the space.


There are a lot of monitor light bars available on the market, but for us, the Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro stood out from the crowd owing to its excellent build, finish and features. It delivers glare and flicker-free illumination with the option to change your temperature and brightness using a wireless remote. And to top it off, the aluminum finish is hard to pass up on when most of its rivals (for comparable cost) are selling plastic body finishes. Any of these monitor lights will light up your desk brightly and properly, however for its price and characteristics, Yeelight takes away the crown of monitor light bar.

2. DoLike – Monitor Light Bar

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Changeable color temperature and brightness to give attention and relaxation.

Light source consists of 54 LEDs that conserve energy and have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, eliminating the need to replace the led bulbs and saving you money.

USB Powered & Simple to Install

The unique fastening structure design not only keeps this computer monitor light stable on top of the laptop, but it also doesn’t block your laptop camera.

Memory Function: It can remember the brightness and color mode you used the previous time.


While the more expensive versions are available, there is nothing wrong with more budget-friendly models, and you will still be able to enjoy most of the benefits if you choose the cheaper choices. DoLike Monitor Light Bar is inexpensive, and it’ll give you a good feel of what light bars have to offer. Depending on what you’re doing on your computer, there are three distinct color modes.

The light is simple to use; just connect in the USB and place it on top of the display. The light is suitable for both desktops and laptops, and it can be installed in a matter of seconds.

3. BenQ Monitor Lamp

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Superb build quality – the aluminum finish gives you confidence that it can withstand any circumstance.

All-in-one lighting solution — a plug-and-play lighting solution for your setup

Auto brightness – don’t waste time trying to find the ideal light setting; let the ScreenBar handle all of the work.

There is no light flickering since the power supply is directly linked to the ScreenBar, so you never have to worry about uneven illumination.


The build quality of this light bar is greater than most of light bars by a wide margin; however, we’re not convinced it warrants the price point of being almost twice the cost of the other alternatives when in terms of usefulness, they’re practically on par. The main distinction is that it has an auto-brightness feature, which many other light bars do not have. This light bar’s brightness and operation are similar to the others. Overall, it has all of the outstanding qualities of a high-quality product. It’s not the cheapest Monitor Lamp on the market, but it does satisfy you in terms of quality.

We looked at a few major points in the review, such as the difference between the PRO and STANDARD versions of the light bar, as well as all of the other essential characteristics of the light bar. In conclusion, superior construction is ensured, as is a dazzling maximum output. The touch controls work well.

4. Baseus Monitor Light Bar



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At just $49.99 USD, this product is reasonably priced.

Excellent build quality – Aluminum Body

Glare and flicker-free – Eliminates reflecting glare off the screen present in most standard desk lights


The Baseus Monitor Light Bar comes next on our list and, at $49.99 USD, is less costly than other competing goods. Some creature conveniences are lacking at this reduced price, most notably automatic brightness changes and a broader range of color temperatures. Having said that, there are a few things we really like about the Baseus Monitor Light Bar. It includes touch controls embedded into the light bar that are simple to use. It is USB powered, thus it may be powered by any USB outlet (5V/3A), such as a computer, wall charger, or power bank. It is also simple to use and install due to its tool-free design.

However, it lacks the automated light changing capability. This may aid in determining how much light is required and decreases the need for human input. If you believe this will be a seldom utilized feature, the Baseus is an excellent pick for your workplace.

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