How Do You Select the Best Led Color for Gaming?

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How Do You Select the Best Led Color for Gaming?

How Do You Select the Best Led Color for Gaming?

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It is suitable for your eyes to switch your LED colors per your varying needs. Moreover, different colors influence people’s moods differently. But the question is, how do you choose among different colors? How do you determine which color is suitable for a particular situation?

It is not easy to know which color is the best fit for a specific scene. Luckily, there are hints on identifying the best-LED color for gaming, sleep, and study.

This article explains how different colors affect people’s moods and how to choose the best-led light colors for different situations.

Understanding Color Temperature and How It Impacts Mood

To select the right colors for your intended space lighting, you need to understand color temperature. Color temperature measures how cool (blue) or warm (yellow) light is. The unit of measurement is kelvin with the abbreviation (k).

On the absolute scale, a lower value of k represents warmer light and vice versa. RGB LED lighting emits various colors and harmonizes people’s moods; different colors promote different perspectives.

Moreover, one color can elevate varying moods at different brightness levels.

The following table highlights a few examples of various color temperature applications.

Color temperature Appearance (light) Best for
2700k Warm white floor/table lamps, chandeliers, pendants
3000k Warm white Overhead lighting, vanities
5000k Cool daylight Security lighting, task lighting

People often use RGB LED lights to adjust attitudes and create diverse atmospheres. But if you fail to adjust the lighting effect properly, it will create an uncomfortable strange atmosphere-opposite of your intended results.

Warm colors like red and orange make people excited, joyful, and lively. Cool colors like green and blue bring calmness and quietness. You may try Yeelight LED Lightstrip pro to experience the best color temperature for gaming.

What Is the Best-LED Color for a Gaming Room?

You want an impracticable gaming station that gives you an unmatched gaming experience as a gaming enthusiast. Some gamers frequently paint their rooms to switch to their new taste colors. RGB LED lights can save you the painting task. However, there is no specific answer to the best-LED color for gaming.

Hints on Selecting the Right Led Lighting Color

RGB LED lights are a perfect alternative to creating the next-level immersive gaming experience eliminating the need to redecorate or paint the room. Placing different lights in different locations of your room can help boost ambiance. The following hints can help you set up the best color for the gaming room.

1. Find Suitable Lights for Your Space

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If you have a multifunctional gaming room that serves as your home office, living room, or bedroom, installing lights that can transpose it from a frenzy battle station to a functional and bright workspace would be best. Place smaller lights that you can turn off and on per task all over the room.

Turn on fewer lights for a relaxing adventure and more lighting for increased brightness during focused activities.

2. Use Smart Lights To Decorate Your Room

Smart-LED lights give you limitless choices of colors to create any theme you desire for your room. They allow you an opportunity to be creative and wash the walls with lights rather than painting them.

If you live in a rental property where you have no freedom in painting the walls, RGB LED gaming lights could be your perfect solution.

3. Go For Surround Lights

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Ideally, you can opt to pair and synchronize your lights with your gaming PC using apps such as Hue Sync. The app sync feature allows the lights to mimic the contents on your monitor. Therefore, they will flash, change color, brighten, or dim based on the gaming scenes.

You may install the LED light strips below the edge of your gaming desk or behind your monitor and use hue sync to pair them for the ultimate immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

If you want to experience great gaming light effects in the room, it would be good to select superior quality RGB LED lights. Yeelight has the leading globally recognized lighting products.

Our products can integrate various platforms, including Razer Chroma, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings, etc. Call us or visit our showroom today for a demonstration.


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