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Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Beauty and Functionality

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Beauty and Functionality

As far as bathroom design ideas go, fixtures are incorporated into the very fabric of the space to provide not just strong, general light to aid with duties like shaving, but also ambient light that can be used for a variety of purposes.

bathroom lighting ideas

It’s critical to pay attention to the bathroom’s overall lighting while redesigning your bathroom. Sadly, the majority of bathroom lighting options are just utilitarian. Lighting is often overlooked when remodeling a bathroom, despite its value.

One of the most critical aspects of a bathroom redesign is the selection of the appropriate lighting fixtures. Your bathroom will look more inviting and roomy if you follow the proper standards for bathroom lighting.

You can find the best bathroom lighting ideas here and receive professional guidance on how to achieve the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Know Your Bathroom Space before Lightening it Up

Analyzing a place, its features, and the intended usage are first steps in every design challenge. Distinguishing between vanity, tub, and shower areas is simple even in small bathrooms.

In most bathrooms, the vanity is the primary source of task illumination. Consider placing spots or LEDs in vertical rows along the side of the mirrors rather than above, to produce a more attractive light with fewer shadows in this area.

Mirrored cabinets with built-in lighting are a simple yet efficient solution for small spaces.

“Bathroom lighting solutions can open up even the smallest of spaces, while also creating a more personal atmosphere in even the largest of spaces.

Focus on the Ceiling

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Image source: ylighting

The ceiling is the most in need of ambient lighting. The higher and brighter you go, the greater the illumination. Dome-shaped, flush mount, or semi-flush mount lights are commonly used to illuminate medium to small bathroom. A single or two flush mount lights are enough.

Tips: For flush mount fixtures, use a mix of warm and white light bulbs.

Recessed Lights

Recessed downlighting is the first option. Recessed downlighting is the absolute requirement for ambient bathroom lighting. In a smaller bathroom, you might be able to get away with one bigger flush mount ceiling light in the middle, but contemporary bathroom recessed lighting will provide you with a more tailored lighting system. Grid out the lights in straight lines along the axis of your countertops to distribute light equally across your bathroom, with an emphasis on illuminating high-use areas. If you’re concerned about going too bright, consider installing dimmers to allow you control over a variety of lighting settings.

Recessed lighting is the holy grail of bathroom lighting, especially if you dislike hanging lights. They slot straight into your ceiling and look incredibly stylish while providing plenty of light. You can put 3-6 recessed lights in a medium-sized bathroom. Make sure to arrange them in a grid so that they seem aligned and have a modern minimalism style.

Recommendation: When installing recessed lighting, always choose white light bulbs first.

Pendant Lights for Bathroom

Pendant lighting is ideal for illuminating a bathroom while making a statement. It hangs low enough to provide soft illumination. We recommend that if you use pendant lighting, you also use another type of lighting in the remainder of the bathroom. You could also add a tiny table light on a counter for a cozier appearance and feel.

Chandelier with a Clean, Minimalist Design

Image source: shadesoflight

One more option for the bathroom ceiling is a chandelier, which is what it claims to be. In a long bathroom, though, it would be as effective hanging over the sink.

Low-slung pendants and striking chandeliers that were formerly a no-no in terms of safety are now available in bathroom-friendly forms. Stainless steel, chrome, lacquered brass, and nickel are all good options for water-resistant designs.

Lighting in bathrooms must meet certain water-resistance standards, which vary according to the zone in which they are located, according to new regulations.

We recommend selecting fittings with the appropriate IP rating for the area in which they will be utilized.

Task Lights

After you’ve finished with ambient lighting, which will assist brighten your bathroom, you should consider the kind of jobs you’ll be performing in this room. When you stand in front of the sin or mirror, ambient lighting frequently creates a shadow. As a result, bathroom task lighting is required.

Track lights, as the name implies, are a strip of lights placed in a linear pattern on the ceiling. This is a contemporary form of bathroom lighting in which a series of track lights are placed atop your mirror, washing sink or dresser. People also put it next to the washstand since it works well as a focal light.

Warm light bulbs are preferred for track lighting systems. Make sure you choose LED bulbs for improved lighting.

Under-cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lighting, one of the most helpful and favorite task lights for the bathroom, is utilized to establish direct attention on the basins or dresser. LED strips can be used and put behind wall cabinets. This style of LED bathroom lighting is ideal for brightening up dark places and removing the shadow created by high objects in the bathroom.

Strip Lights: Versatile and useful for illuminating the interior of a cabinet, especially low cabinets that don’t get much natural light. Under the cabinet, LED strip lights are also employed to fully illuminate counter spaces.

Puck Lights: Available in round and oval shapes, puck lights are fantastic mood lights that may be used to brighten basins as a scallop, spot, or pool of light.

Tips: If you have a neutral-ish backsplash, warm light strips are a must. Only use white or cool light strips for the colored backsplashes.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is more like ornamental lights that supplement your bathroom ‘s current lighting. Accent lights may be used to give a subtle focus on some crucial objects in the bathroom. When it comes to accents, there are absolutely no boundaries, making it one of the most diverse bathroom lighting options.

Wall Sconces/lights on the Wall

Wall sconces or wall-mounted lights are similar to flush mount lights in appearance but differ only in placement. Wall sconces are mounted on the wall whereas flush mounts are positioned on the ceiling. You might try putting a wall sconce on any wall or next to your mirror if you have space. It is elegant, contemporary, and aids in lighting up the wall.

Tips: As previously said, there are no regulations, however, we recommend that you choose warm lighting for wall sconces. It casts a lovely glow around the room.

Pendant Lighting that Hangs above the Vanity

Image source:

Chandeliers over the vanity and in the middle of a large bathroom may be desirable. Don’t let the clash of styles overpower the rest of the decor. You can have two of the same chandelier or two that are comparable in style.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas over Tub

You Don’t Want Direct Light over Your Tub

Indirect lighting makes use of a fixture as a light source to spread light beyond a single target object. This is done to give off ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, which assists you in navigating the space and provides a reflective light in the space.

Direct lighting, however, casts lights from the fixture to one or a few desired subjects or areas, that is, straightforward radiation that is designed to help attention-required tasks, such as washing, shaving, or reading.

Generally speaking, indirect lighting should be what you want on the ceiling over your bathroom tub. Because direct lighting, which emits intense illumination, is best suited for detailed work and productive activities. Utilizing too strong a light may not be a good idea for a place where you want to steam off and rest. Indirect lighting can brighten your tub without projecting a strong light beam, create a soothing atmosphere, and add to the overall brightness of the room.

Image source: Lamp HQ

Use Mood Lighting the Smart Way

The trick to creating a relaxing bathroom that’s as luxurious as your favorite spa is strategically positioned mood lighting.

Focus on bathroom lighting that creates an ethereal atmosphere around the bath if you’re a bath lover. Adding glistening light fixtures to the bath or shower may give the space a premium spa feel.

Layers of illumination may be created by varying the intensity of light effects. Use two small uplights and a narrow beam downlight over the tub if the bath is situated near a window.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas over Mirror

There is usually enough light in a bathroom with standard ceiling lights. For example, if you need to do your hair and cosmetics, it may not be enough. When applying makeup or shaving, lighting from above might leave you with splotches, lines, and shadows on your face.

However, a vanity lamp, sconces, or bath bar should be placed on either side of the mirror to provide enough lighting. This set-up is great for jobs that need close attention to detail.

Backlighting to Highlight the Style

One of the most exciting bathroom lighting ideas is to employ backlighting, which aims to accentuate certain features. It creates a stunning impression in your bathroom with just a little effort from you. Backlit panels and mirrors both benefit greatly from the use of these types of lighting.

It is true that adding backlighting to a restroom does not make it more useful. However, it adds a nice dash of flair and inventiveness to the space. As a result, profile pieces act as bathroom accessories.

Use LED lights

The usage of LED lights in the bathroom is one of the greenest lighting options. In addition to being cost-effective and handy, they are also environmentally friendly. They are a great alternative for bathroom lighting since they don’t need as much time and effort. Then there’s the fact that they’ll endure a long time as well.

For your bathroom, you could also pick a more modern and clean-lined design. Incandescent bulbs may be used with them to create textured illumination.


Yeelight Rechargeable Sensor Night Light, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and last up to 120 days on Auto mode with one full charge.

A nightlight with motion sensor can make it easy to find tissue paper and whatever you need at night. Especially for older folks, a nightlight can always get you prepared for a bathroom run without disturbing your partner. Also, it saves you tons of utility bills in the long run.

How to Design Lighting for a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom’s lighting should begin with an assessment of the area, its features, and how it will be utilized.

Distinguishing between vanity, tub, and shower areas is simple even in small bathrooms. In most bathrooms, the vanity is the primary source of task illumination. Consider placing spots or LEDs in vertical rows along the side of the mirrors rather than above, to produce a more attractive light with fewer shadows in this area.

Mirrored cabinets with built-in lighting are a simple yet efficient solution for small spaces.

A smart lighting plan is more than just functional; it’s a decoration tool in its own right, allowing you to easily modify your house.

Adding light to a space makes it seem bigger and more open. There are several ways in which it may be used, including manipulating the proportions of a scene and concealing less-than-desirable characteristics.

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