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Android Central: Yeelight now makes Nanoleaf-style LED light panels, and they're just $99

Android Central: Yeelight now makes Nanoleaf-style LED light panels, and they're just $99

Yeelight may not be as well-known as Philips Hue when it comes to lighting, but the brand has steadily made inroads into global markets over the last five years on the back of smart LED bulbs and ambient lighting. Its latest W3 bulb has the distinction of being one of the best smart LED bulbs in the market today, delivering the same feature-set as Hue at half the cost.

But it’s not the smart LED bulb that I’m focusing on today. Yeelight is getting serious about ambient lighting, and its latest foray in this category is the Smart LED Light Panels, a set of nine interlocking light panels that affix to your wall and can be arranged in any configuration you want. If that sounds familiar, it’s because what Yeelight is offering is nearly identical to Nanoleaf’s Light Panels, and they even sync to music.

Yeelight’s Smart LED Light Panels will retail for $139, but for Black Friday they’re up for sale for just $99, 30% off their launch price. In fact, Yeelight is offering 30% off its entire catalog with the code BlackFriday, so if you’re looking for affordable smart lighting, you’ll need to act on this deal right now.

Save 30% on Yeelight products

Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels

Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels

Yeelight’s LED light panels are modular, feature 16 million colors, can be controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa, and deliver the same feature-set as Nanoleaf’s option. The fact that these are priced at just $99 makes them an unmissable deal for Black Friday.

These light panels have the same 16-million RGB lighting as Nanoleaf, and you can easily control lighting modes and toggle them on or off via Google Assistant and Alexa. There are 20 preset modes available out of the box, and you can set up your own and much more via the Yeelight app, and like Nanoleaf, you get the ability to extend the light panels according to your needs.

So if you’ve eyed Nanoleaf’s light panels but wanted a more affordable option, you should take a look at the Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels.

(Article written by Harish Jonnalagadda: )

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