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All You Need to Know About Yeelight Wireless Motion Sensor Light

All You Need to Know About Yeelight Wireless Motion Sensor Light-YEELIGHT

Q: How does the motion sensor work?

A: The combi-system of light sensor and motion sensor provides better control of the ambient light. Sensors, activated in a dim environment, automatically turn the light on when they detect motion and turn it off 20s after the motion ends, energy-efficient, better experience.

Q: What is the color temperature of the Yeelight Wireless Motion Sensor Light?

A: The color temperature of the light is 3500-4500K, which brings enough light for you to go about tasks that require attention.



Q: Is this motion sensor closet light battery operated?

A: Yes. It is battery-operated, providing a long lighting duration with a larger closet light battery capacity.

Q: Does this light always need to be plugged in, or must it be pre-charged before use?

A: Both plug-in and pre-charging are fine. However, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it for long endurance.

Q: Does it come with a USB plug?

A: Yes, it does, but it does not come with an adapter.

Q: Is this product easy to use?

A: The Yeelight Wireless Motion Sensor Light is equipped with a one-touch operation button and a smart human motion sensor system, user-friendly and easy to operate. In a dim environment, it lights up when people come and turns off automatically 20 seconds after people leave.

Q: Is there an on/off option in addition to the motion sensor?

A: Yes, three options, on/off/auto, are all available. Additionally, the light has two sensor modes: motion sensor and light sensor. It is a perfect choice for wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, etc.

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Q: What is the size of the Yeelight Octans Motion Sensor Light?

A: 275*35*37mm

Q: Are there other colors besides white?

A: Yes, model YLCG041 is grey.

Q: Can the LED motion sensor light change color?

A: The color is not adjustable.

Q: What is the brightness of this light?

A: The brightness is 120-200 lumens.

Q: How about the after-sales service if I am not satisfied or it is damaged?

A: We have 30 days money-back policy and life-time customer support. If you have any questions related to the products, we are happy to serve you at any time. Please rest assured!

Q: Doesn’t the adhesive wear off the led closet light after you remove it several times to recharge the cabinet lights?
A: There is a magnetic tape. One side of the magnet sticks to the wall/closet. When you charge, you only need to remove the cabinet light from the magnetic strip, the adhesive will not fall off.



Q: How often do I need to recharge the motion sensor light?

A: The light comes with a built-in 2000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery and 5V USB charging device. On a full charge, the battery can last for 2-4 months, and 4-12 hours if stays on.

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